Who We Are

ISA governance relies on two types of committees to support our mission:

  • Board Committees, which report directly to the ISA Board of Directors
  • Operational Committees, which report to the ISA CEO & Executive Director working with the relevant ISA department director

Each committee serves a specific ISA interest that assists the organization as a whole. Committees are staffed by volunteers within the ISA membership who have special expertise or talent in the committee’s area of focus, but may also include non-members with expertise important to the function of a particular committee.

In addition to the Board and Operational committees, the current ISA President and/or CEO & Executive Director may appoint ad hoc committees as necessary to support the best interests of the ISA membership.

To learn more about any of these committees, contact the respective ISA contact listed below.

Board Committees and Contact Information

Component Council

  • Purpose: Provides a forum for collaboration and cooperation among ISA Components and the ISA Board of Directors.
  • Contact: ISA Board Executive Assistant

Finance Committee

Governance and Bylaws Committee

Nominating and Elections Committee

  • Purpose: Provides solicitation and review of nominees for ISA volunteer leadership positions; provides oversight of ISA elections
  • Contact: ISA Board Executive Assistant

Ownership Linkage Committee

Operational Committees and Contact Information

Arboriculture & Urban Forestry (AUF) Editorial Board

  • Purpose: Provides review for content of scientific journal
  • Contact: Managing Editor

Arborist News Editorial Board

  • Purpose: Provides review for content of periodical
  • Contact: Managing Editor

Awards Committee

Best Management Practices Committee

Conference Program Committee

Credentialing Council

  • Purpose: Responsible for the development, review, evaluation, and administration of all policies and procedures as they relate to ISA’s credentials.
  • Contact: Director of Credentialing Services

Conference and Events

Educational Products and Services Committee

International Safety Committee

International Tree Climbing Championship Committee

  • Purpose: Provides development, maintenance, and operations support for the ISA International Tree Climbing Championship program
  • Contact: Director of Event Services

Membership Committee

  • Purpose: Supports the development of membership programs for services, recruiting, and retention
  • Contact: Director of Member Services

Plant Appraisal and Valuation Committee

Science and Research Committee

Spanish Education and Translation Committee

Student and Early Career Committee.

  • Purpose: Connects with high school and higher education students interested in arboriculture through networking and outreach.
  • Contact: Director of Member Services