Student MemberOpen to all individuals actively engaged in the arboriculture field and anyone interested in planting or preserving trees. Cost: $135.


Students can join for free when they join their local chapter in person or online. Students who live in a region without a chapter may join for $30. To qualify, you must be a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student approved for student membership in your local chapter or have proof of enrollment in at least six academic hours of coursework related to arboriculture within the next six months.

Students joining online will have an opportunity to provide the enrollment information as part of the application process. Cost: Free (local) or $30.


Limited to retired members who (1) have been professional members in good standing for at least 10 preceding years, (2) are 62 or older, and (3) submit in writing their desire to enter inactive service. Cost: $70.


Offered to individuals whose country/province of residence does not use English as the official language. Since ISA membership benefits might not provide their fully-intended value for Associate Members due to a potential language barrier, this membership fee is reduced. Cost: $70.

Note: Associate Members are not eligible to hold an ISA-elected office or vote in ISA Board of Directors elections.

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