Who We Are

ISA is the premier tree care organization in the world. As an international organization, our goal is to provide you with the best services and programs at both the international and local levels. Being an organization that understands the needs of the industry at the global level is important to us, but sometimes you want to consult with someone who understands the specific concerns of your region.

This is where ISA chapters and associate organizations play a critical role. When you join both ISA and your local ISA chapter/associate organization, you receive information about trends and issues within the profession from around the globe, as well as a network of colleagues and resources tailored to your local needs. Regional memberships support local programs, regional tree climbing competitions, and much more.

Choose Your Local ISA Chapter or Associate Organization

You can choose to join any of the following ISA chapters or associate organizations.

Location Name Status
Lithuania Lithuanian Arborists Association Associate Organization
Thailand Thai Arboriculture Association Associate Organization
Australia Arboriculture Australia Associate Organization
Australia-Queensland Queensland Arboricultural Association Inc. Associate Organization
Austria ISA Austria Chapter Chapter
Belgium Belgian Arborist Association Associate Organization
Brazil Sociedade Brasileira de Arborizacao Urbana Chapter
Canada (Ontario) ISA Ontario Chapter Chapter
Canada (Quebec) la Société internationale d’arboriculture Chapter
Canada-Atlantic (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & Newfoundland) ISA Atlantic Chapter Chapter
Canada-Prairie (Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) ISA Prairie Chapter Chapter
Chile Sociedad Chilena de Arboricultura Associate Organization
Colombia Asociación Colombiana de Arboricultura Chapter
Croatia Hrvatska udruga za arborikulturu (HUA) Associate Organization
Czech Republic Sekce péče o dřeviny Chapter
Denmark/Iceland Dansk Træplejeforening Chapter
Estonia Eesti Arboristide Ühing or Estonian Arboricultural Society Associate Organization
Finland Suomen Puunhoidon Yhdistys ry Associate Organization
France Société Française d'Arboriculture Associate Organization
Germany ISA Germany Chapter Chapter
Hong Kong ISA Hong Kong Chapter Chapter
Hungary Hungarian Arboricultural Association (HAA) Associate Organization
Italy Società Italiana di Arboricoltura Associate Organization
Japan Japan Arborists Association Associate Organization
Latvia Latvijas Kokkopju Arboristu Biedrība Associate Organization
Lithuania Lithuanian Arboricultural Center Associate Organization
Malaysia Malaysian Society of Arboriculture Chapter
Mexico Asociación Mexicana de Arboricultura Chapter
Netherlands (Dutch) Kring Praktiserende Boomverzorgers Chapter
New Zealand New Zealand Arboricultural Association Chapter
Norway Norsk Trepleieforum Chapter
Poland Federacja Arborystów Polskich Associate Organization
Singapore Singapore Arboriculture Society (SAS) Associate Organization
Slovak Republic ISA Slovensko - Slovak Republic Associate Organization
Spain La Asociación Española de Arboricultura Chapter
Sweden Svenska Trädföreningens Chapter
Switzerland Bund Schweizer Baumpflege Associate Organization
Taiwan Taiwan Arboriculture Society Associate Organization
United Kingdom/Ireland The Arboricultural Association Associate Organization
United States-Dakotas (North and South Dakota) Dakotas ISA Associate Organization
United States-Florida ISA Florida Chapter Chapter
United States-Georgia Georgia Arborist Association Associate Organization
United States-Illinois Illinois Arborist Association Chapter
United States-Indiana Indiana Arborist Association Chapter
United States-Iowa Iowa Arborist Association Chapter
United States-Kentucky Kentucky Arborists Association Chapter
United States-Michigan ISA Michigan Chapter
United States-Mid Atlantic (Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, & West Virginia) Mid-Atlantic Chapter ISA Chapter
United States-Midwest (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, & Oklahoma) Midwestern Chapter ISA Chapter
United States-Minnesota Minnesota Society of Arboriculture Chapter
United States-New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) New England Chapter ISA Chapter
United States-New Jersey New Jersey Arborists Chapter
United States-New York The New York State Arborists Chapter
United States-Ohio Ohio Chapter ISA Chapter
United States/Canada-Pacific NW (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) Pacific Northwest ISA Chapter
United States-Pennsylvania and Delaware Penn-Del Chapter ISA Chapter
United States-Rocky Mountain (Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, & Wyoming) ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter Chapter
United States-Southern (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virgin Islands) Southern Chapter ISA Chapter
United States-Texas ISA Texas Chapter
United States-Utah Utah Community Forestry Council Chapter
United States-Western (Arizona, California, Hawaii, & Nevada) Western Chapter ISA Chapter
United States-Wisconsin Wisconsin Arborist Association Chapter
Peru Asociación Peruana de Arboricultura y Forestería Urbana (APA) Associate Organization
Costa Rica Asociación Costarricense de Arboricultura Associate Organization

Professional Affiliates are member organizations that aim to supplement your ISA membership with resources and networks geared specifically toward your area of practice. The Professional Affiliates below outline available opportunities for specialized activities.

Arboricultural Research and Education Academy

Arboricultural Research and Education Academy (AREA) members are scientists and educators in all tree-related disciplines working toward the scientific understanding of woody plants and their care.

  • Supports efforts of faculty, students, and researchers
  • Coordinates the educational program at the ISA Annual Conference

Society of Commercial Arboriculture

Society of Commercial Arboriculture (SCA) members are concerned with establishing and sustaining long-range programs such as management, business trends, certification, legal issues, safety standards, compliance, equipment evaluation, job costing, and tree evaluation.

  • Publishes quarterly newsletter, SCAToday
  • Creates a network of leading commercial arborists throughout the world
  • Hosts annual meeting devoted exclusively to topics of concern
  • Supports the International Tree Climbing Championship
  • Supports the Tree Dynamics and Arborists’ Techniques Fund
  • Helps support college scholarships and tree care-related research

Urban and Community Forestry Society

The Urban and Community Forestry Society (formerly the Society of Municipal Arborists) is an international community dedicated to helping urban and community forestry professionals build confidence, competence, and camaraderie so that they can grow and maintain healthy trees where people live. If you make or support daily tree planting and care decisions in your community, UCFS welcomes you to this professional society. When we do this together, we create healthy communities for people and planet.

  • Holds an annual meeting, conference, and trade show
  • Offers a week-long leadership training course – the Municipal Forestry Institute – designed to increase effectiveness personally, professionally, and programmatically
  • Provides peer-to-peer learning through a monthly Learning Series with ISA CEUs provide, member e-lists, and forums
  • Offers world-wide Arborist Exchange program
  • Provides a career job board where urban and community forestry jobs are posted
  • Provides electronic City Trees magazine filled with technical information, how-tos, best practices, and more.

Utility Arborist Association

Utility Arborist Association (UAA) sustains long-range programs and communications regarding the technologies and methods of tree and vegetation management as they affect utilities.

  • Publishes Utility Arborist Newsline six times a year
  • Holds an UAA Annual Meeting
  • Sponsors regional workshops
  • Funds an annual UAA scholarship
  • Promotes UAA annual awards programs
  • Produces UAA publication and videos

ISA is connected to other related organizations in the green industry. Explore more ways to make a difference in your community.

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Arboricultural Education

ISA Canopy Partners

Canopy Partners Program logo

ISA Canopy Partners support education, support the work ISA does to promote the professional practice of arboriculture, inform the public about the benefits of trees and provide the only global network of arborists, urban foresters and people who care for and about trees.

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Hear from Our ISA Canopy Partners

Husqvarna - Amber Huffman, Senior Brand Manager

Bartlett Tree Experts - Jim Ingram, President and COO

Gold Canopy Partners

Silver Canopy Partners

Bronze Canopy Partners

Gold Level Canopy Partners


Asplundh Tree Expert is dedicated to efficient, safe and cost-effective vegetation management services to the utility industry.  A family-owned and operated corporation headquartered near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Asplundh has grown to employ more than 36,000 service professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  Asplundh performs routine or emergency tree pruning and removals, right-of-way clearing and maintenance with specialized equipment, and integrated vegetation management with herbicides. 

Employees in the field receive on-going training, including a rigorous safety curriculum. Many hold certifications in arboriculture and herbicide application, which maintains the company’s reputation for professionalism and safety. With unparalleled resources in people and equipment, Asplundh is often called upon to assist in storm restoration work. Whenever and wherever needed, Asplundh crews can be quickly mobilized to remove downed trees from power lines and roadways.

 Asplundh is proud to provide a safe, inclusive environment for our employees to grow and make a difference in their communities globally. The company’s industry-leading network of corporate and regional safety staff ensures all Asplundh team members are well trained in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Additional certifications for arboriculture, herbicide application and management skills are encouraged, which compels our employees to advance in their careers and secure the company’s reputation for professionalism and safety.

Learn more about Asplundh as an ISA Canopy Partner


Founded in 1907, The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company has been the world’s leading scientific tree and shrub care company for more than a century. The company operates the largest shade tree lab in the world, The Bartlett Research Laboratories, in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the latest research from its team of 13 PhDs in fields such as soil science, plant pathology, entomology and horticulture, the company provides species-specific tree and shrub care plans for its customers to ensure optimum growing conditions and health for beautiful landscapes. From removal, pruning and insect and disease management to soil care, comprehensive tree inventory and management plans, and tree risk assessments, Bartlett’s arborists provide more than 188 services to its customers from its 151 operations in 39 U.S. states, Canada, Ireland and Great Britain. The company has a training center in Mexico, and corporate offices are located in Stamford, Connecticut. To learn more visit: https://www.bartlett.com/ or call 1-877-BARTLETT (227-8538).

Learn more about Bartlett as an ISA Canopy Partner

Davey Tree Expert Company

The Davey Tree Expert Company, established in 1880 and headquartered in Kent, Ohio, provides research-driven tree services, grounds maintenance and environmental consulting for residentialutilitycommercial and environmental partners in the U.S. and Canada. With 11,000 employees, Davey Tree is the eighth largest employee-owned company in the U.S. Visit www.davey.com to learn more about Davey Tree and discover your next career opportunity.

Learn more about the Davey Tree Expert Company as an ISA Canopy Partner


Founded in 1689, Husqvarna is a global leader in outdoor power products including lawn mowers, garden tractors, zero turns, chainsaws, trimmers and brush cutters, blowers and snow throwers. Ready when you are.

With more than 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals and consumers with forest, park, lawn and garden products. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and trimmers to innovative robotic lawn mowers.

Learn more about Husqvarna as an ISA Canopy Partner


SavATree was founded by Ralph Robbins in 1978 with a single objective in mind, to save trees from the devasting effects of repeated defoliations by the Gypsy Moth Caterpillar (Lymantria dispar).

A licensed and accredited tree, shrub and lawn care company, SavATree provides landscape stewardship to residential, commercial and municipal properties. Our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists® rely on extensive knowledge and expertise to add value, safety and beauty through programs tailored to the specific needs and individual characteristics of each landscape.

Learn more about SavATree as an ISA Canopy Partner


Headquartered in Pella, Iowa, U.S., Vermeer employs team members around the world, with regional offices in the Netherlands, Brazil and Singapore; additional manufacturing facilities in South Carolina, Florida and South Dakota in the United States, as well as the Netherlands and Tianjin, China; and more than 600 dealers located around the world.

Tree care professionals can all agree when it comes to tree removal equipment — performance, quality and safety matter most. The backbreaking work of tree removal is a thing of the past. At least that’s what we know to be true with Vermeer tree service equipment. Not only are our stump cutters, brush chippers and mini skid steers built for performance, it’s designed with safety features that help protect operators. Plus, you can count on comprehensive parts, service and support from our dealer network.

Learn more about Vermeer as an ISA Canopy Partner

Silver Level Canopy Partner


SENNEBOGEN is taking the tree care industry to new heights by innovating purpose-built machinery that helps arborists and operators work more safely, efficiently and productively, scaling their businesses in ways they never thought possible. Our line of tree care machines was born out of a desire to fill a void.  Much of the equipment used in forestry work today has been taken from other industries and adapted for tree service work. While admirable and innovative, we believe there is a better way to overcome the challenges of safety and limited productivity, and that’s why we created our tree care machines.

Purpose-built means a SENNEBOGEN tree handler’s functions and features were designed to address top challenges faced by arborists and operators today. We’ve focused on maximizing visibility, eliminating operator fatigue, reducing hazards by minimizing tree and ground crew, and creating technology that operates with purpose, fluidity and effectiveness.

Learn more about Sennebogen as an ISA Canopy Partner

Bronze Level Canopy Partners


Arborjet and Ecologel have partnered to bring to market the most effective and environmentally responsible plant health care solutions, backed by years of research. Arborjet is a premiere provider of tree care solutions and trunk injection technologies to control the insects and diseases threatening our urban and suburban forests. Ecologel’s leading water conservation technology, Hydretain, reduces plant watering requirements by as much as 50% or more. Their BioPro Technologies line is a collection of advanced liquid nutrients, soil amendments, biostimulants and water management products specially formulated for greencare professionals.

Together, Arborjet and Ecologel have launched Arbor Rx as a prescriptive fertilization and soil enhancement program designed to maximize tree and shrub health by combining plant nutrition with products to enhance soil quality, stimulate root growth and improve water availability. We’re here to help you grow your business with new service opportunities and free marketing materials to help you sell them. Learn more at partnersinplantcare.com

ArborMetrics Solutions 

Arbormetrics Solutions specializes in combining the power and expertise of our people, software and hardware into mobile. They work to enhance client’s vegetation management programs to be more efficient, effective, safe and transparent. Clients include utilities, municipalities and other agencies throughout North America interested in finding ways to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their vegetation management programs.

Arbormetrics lives up to its mission statement:

To improve the effectiveness of vegetation management through safe, efficient planning, scheduling and reporting services.

Gamma Tree 

Gamma Tree, where arborists are passionate about trees. They understand how much your trees mean to you and have the knowledge and technical experience to provide the utmost in tree care.

The Gamma staff includes ISA Board Certified Master Arborists®, ISA Certified Arborists®, Horticulturist and an Urban Forester. Your trees are living assets that need ongoing care to thrive. Our committed and knowledgeable professionals can help you protect them for today and future generations.


PlanIT Geo™ is a global software and consulting company providing innovative planning and technology for urban forestry, parks, and arboriculture. Since 2012, our team of ISA Certified Arborists, GIS professionals, planners, and software developers have led hundreds of projects, including urban tree canopy assessments, field-based tree inventories, and strategic plan development. Our TreePlotter™ software is often integrated with our consulting services and is used by thousands of urban foresters, arborists, park managers, and tree care companies around the world. We see our purpose as adding “technology capacity” through data, information, and tools to any organization that wants to measure, manage, and protect green assets. Whether you represent a large city, a small tree care company, a corporate or university campus, or a nonprofit organization, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about PlanItGeo as an ISA Canopy Partner

Teragan & Associates

Teragan & Associates are the leading consulting arborists for the Pacific Northwest. Their mission is to preserve, plan for, and manage trees for todays and tomorrow’s generations. Consulting, Diagnostics, Expert Witness and Testimony, and Education.