Stop ISA Trademark Violations and Misuse

ISA credentials are earned by individuals, never by a company. It requires a high level of commitment and dedication, giving ISA credential holders the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition. You can help ISA maintain the integrity of its credential by reporting false advertisements and logo misuse.

What Is the Difference Between a False Advertisement and Trademark Misuse?

False advertisement is the illegal use of the ISA logo(s) or word mark(s) by a non-credentialed individual or a company claiming to be credentialed. Trademark misuse is when an ISA credential holder uses the ISA logo or word mark without the required information outlined in the ISA Branding and Style Guide.

All advertisements for ISA credential holders are required to list both the individual's name and their ISA Certification ID number. If you’re unsure whether you've found a false advertisement, you can learn more by 1) reviewing the ISA Branding and Style Guide; 2) verifying an individual’s certification status; or 3) submitting the advertisement to our office for review.

Reporting a Claim

Use the False Advertisement Claim Form to file a complaint for false advertisement or trademark misuse.

To file a report, please print and complete the claim form and return it to our office with proof of the misrepresentation. Examples of proof include business cards, Yellow Page ads, brochures or flyers, company websites, or company letterhead.

Please submit your claim using any of the following methods:

  • Submit by mail to ISA, 270 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 1900 Atlanta, GA 30303 United States.
  • Submit by e-mail.