ISA takes our Code of Ethics very seriously. The Ethics Review Committee investigates unethical behavior reported by other arborists or the public. We have established a set of policies and procedures intended to reduce poor professional conduct and practices. A Code of Ethics helps ISA to continue building a positive industry image, which will increase confidence and trust in our certification program.

Ethics Case Confidentiality Notice

While your complaint is confidential, it is important you know that your name and complaint information will be shared with the individual whose violation you are reporting.

In order to protect the privacy of the parties involved in an ethics case, all materials prepared by or submitted to the ISA Certification Program will be kept confidential. Until an ethics case has been closed or finalized, all parties and participants must maintain the confidentiality of all information related to the ethics case, including its existence. If any party discloses information related to the ethics case in violation of these rules, the Ethics Committee and/or the Credentialing Council may either: terminate the ethics complaint if such disclosure is by the complainant; or may impose any sanction within the Ethics Case Procedure if by the respondent.

File a Complaint against an ISA Certified Arborist or ISA Board Certified Master Arborist

To report a violation:

ISA Ethics Case Procedures

ISA Ethics Charge Statement

To file an appeal on a decision made by the ISA Ethics Review Commitee or on a decision made by the ISA Credentialing Department, please complete the Appeal Request Form.

Appeal Form

Policy for Filing an Appeal or Complaint