ISA credential holders are responsible for understanding the requirements to maintain their credentials with ISA and monitoring their CEU status and submission requests for data entry. You can find the requirements to renew your credential in the application guide and webpage for the type of credential(s) you have earned.

To view your Continuing Education Unit (CEU) status, please login. As a credential holder you already have a profile with ISA. You may need to recover your password, or if you do not know the email address we have on your account, please contact to verify and regain access.

You can earn CEUs through educational events and other opportunities that have already been approved for ISA CEU credit. To request CEUs for training events you attended that have not been pre-approved, and that are eligible for ISA CEUs, please use the system below to submit requests for CEU post-approval. Click here to view what type of events could be eligible.


Only requests that are sent through Post-approval Portal will be accepted.

The recertification period currently set and supported by the ISA Credentialing Council is three (3) years. This means that the achievement of the goals described above needs to happen within each three (3) year cycle. This is the reason why “roll-over” of CEUs from one recertification period to another is not allowed.

Our Continuing Education policies are set by our Credentialing Council, they are a group of stakeholders who has oversight of ISA’s credentialing programs and has the responsibility to ensure these credentials remain impartial, valid, technically accurate, and fair while being administered in accordance with ANSI/ISO approved and accepted credentialing standards and best practices. ISA’s policies and processes that govern ISA credentialing operations may be updated periodically and credential holders must adhere to the most current policies.