Conference Rewind is Back With New Presentations

Conference Rewind is Back With New Presentations

Did you miss our 2021 Virtual Conference? Here’s your chance to “rewind” and take advantage of some of these great sessions from the comfort of your home or office. ISA is excited to bring its members, credential holders and the community its new ISA Conference Rewind series.

Developed by ISA, the ISA Conference Rewind series will feature a new video each month over the next several months. The featured videos will consist of the most popular presentations from the ISA 2021 Virtual Conference.

"The Conference Rewind series was so well received in 2021 that we decided to bring it back again for a second year. We look forward to making some of our most popular ISA 2021 Virtual Conference sessions available to a wider audience through Conference Rewind." said Jamie Vidich, director of educational products and services for ISA

This series of videos was developed to provide new educational content from the industry’s top researchers, educators, and practitioners.

If you are new to our Conference Rewind series, take a look back at last year.

Additionally, ISA has developed a quiz component for individuals to check their learning following the podcast or video and earn CEUs.* Scroll below to view each presentation organized by month or view the full list without descriptions in our online store.

Don’t miss out on this exciting educational opportunity brought to you by Bartlett Tree Experts and ISA.

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July 2022

Assessing and Managing Aging Urban Trees

While aging urban trees provide a wealth of benefits to the residents who live amongst them, they may also begin to pose more risk, and as urban centres become increasingly dense, trees, people and infrastructure often come into conflict. Balancing these competing interests while looking out for the trees can be a real challenge. Today’s arborists can choose from a wealth of methods to better manage and assess the risk of trees. The recently introduced ANSI A300 Part nine describes three levels of risk assessment. By presenting a series of case studies, Philip Van Wassenaer will focus on how advanced risk assessment methods (Level 3) are being used to better understand the likelihood of failure and to contribute useful information used in the development of conservation management strategies for aging and significant urban trees.

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June 2022

Bad Inheritances in Arboriculture (Español)

In this presentation, Carlos Llanos describes how the incorrect interventions applied to trees in cities and in all latitudes severely injure adult trees. In the short term, these trees are unable to replace the support and nutrition functions performed by their roots, and, as long as the tree remains exposed, fungi, insects, and a number of other pathogens can enter through the cuts. Improvisation can result in root pruning in multiple places on the tree, which can lead to the collapse of the tree with consequences we're all familiar with in some dramatic cases.

Malas herencias en arboricultura – Carlos Llanos. En esta presentación, Carlos Llanos habla de las intervenciones incorrectas, aplicadas a los árboles en las ciudades y en todas las latitudes, que dañan gravemente a los árboles adultos. A corto plazo, estos árboles no pueden reemplazar las funciones de soporte y nutrición que realizan sus raíces y, mientras el árbol permanezca abierto, hongos, insectos y otros patógenos pueden ingresar a través de los cortes. La improvisación hace que se produzcan varias podas de raíces en el mismo árbol y conduce al colapso del árbol con consecuencias que todos conocemos en algunos casos dramáticos.

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May 2022

ISA’s Best Management Practices for Construction Near Trees — Dr. Tom Smiley, Dr. Richard Harper, Ryan Gilpin and Nelda Matheny

With the adoption of the newly revised ANSI A300 standard for managing trees on construction sites, the International Society of Arboriculture updated the best management practices. This presentation reviews the new standard and discusses both the science and practice behind the changes. This presentation is highly recommended for arborists who deal with construction protection for trees.

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April 2022

Residential Trees and the Knowledge, Perceptions, and Practices of Homeowners — Kaitlyn Pike

Kaitlyn Pike presents a follow-up to a study exploring the efficacy of a comprehensive tree preservation ordinance. Pike’s study details how surveyed homeowners view trees and nature on their property and how these views may differ between types of homeowners. The results show that homeowners are largely uninformed about the home development process and its impact on the urban canopy, and that they are even removed from decisions about their own yard. The study covered in this presentation emphasizes the importance of an ordinance that requires tree preservation during construction.

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March 2022

Artificial Intelligence for Tree Risk Prediction — Ryan Suttle and Nasko Apostolov

Vegetation management is typically one of a utility’s largest budget items. Presently, identification of high-risk trees near utility lines is labor intensive, time consuming, and costly. In this presentation, Ryan Suttle and Nasko Apostolov share a study that describes a machine-learning approach which trains a novel convolutional neural network (CNN) to automatically classify trees, using only a single photograph and with a high degree of accuracy, into likelihood of failure categories. The CNN’s high degree of accuracy demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence to automate risk assessment and consequently to reduce costs. Preliminary results are extremely promising for future study and improvement.

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February 2022

The Meaning of Tree Biomechanics to Tree Health Care Providers — Kim Coder

In this presentation, Kim Coder provides a review of the last decade of research covering topics such as tree sail, height, size issues, and their impact resisting applied wind and gravity loads. Arboricultural solutions gleaned from biomechanical research will be presented with minimal math and targeted at field applications.

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Effects of Residential Development on Growth of Mature Trees— Greg King

In this presentation, Greg King discusses research that utilizes dendrochronology (science of annual tree-ring analysis) to investigate the long-term influence of residential development on tree growth indices. It is an opportunity to compare trees in adjacent greenspaces that were not impacted by development. The results will be informative by providing a decades-long perspective on the impacts of development on tree growth.

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