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ISA Conference Rewind

ISA Conference Rewind
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Did you miss our 2020 Virtual Conference? Here’s your chance to “rewind” and view some of these great sessions from the comfort of your home or office. This series of podcast and videos was developed by the International Society of Arboriculture to provide new educational content from the industry’s top researchers, educators, and practitioners. With Conference Rewind, each free session offers the opportunity to earn CEUs.*

*Educational series is free to view, quizzes must be purchased to earn CEUs

  Title Release Date    
Effects of Restoration Pruning Treatment on Damaged Trees September 24, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
The Disease Triangle, The Health Triangle September 24, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
Does Soil Sealing Affect Urban Tree Health? An 8 Year Research August 19, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
Did We Keep that Heritage Tree Too Long? August 19, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
A Tale of Two Urban Forests: Horsechestnuts in Kiev and Chernobyl July 22, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
Reaching Up: New Techniques for Reaching Tree Canopy Goals July 22, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
Remove or Retain? Research and Anecdote Surrounding Wire Baskets June 18, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
What is Tree Vitality and How to Rate It June 18, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
Tree Vitality: Why Should You Care? May 25, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
Quantifying Climbing Efficiency May 20, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
Current Trends in Urban Forest Diagnostics April 15, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
Collaborating to Increase Urban Tree Diversity April 15, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
Growing Trees in Stormwater Basins in Dry Summer Climates March 22, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
Native or Exotic A Debate in the Urban Landscape March 19, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz
What Are the Next Big Ideas of Urban Forestry -- Views from Young Researchers February 22, 2021 Watch Purchase Quiz
The Multiple Dimensions of Tree Defenses against Insects February 19, 2021 Listen Purchase Quiz