Conference Rewind 2024 is Here With All New Presentations

Conference Rewind 2024 is Here With All New Presentations

Did you miss our 2023 Virtual Event? Here’s your chance to “rewind” and take advantage of some of these great sessions from the comfort of your home or office. ISA is excited to bring its members, credential holders and the community its new ISA Conference Rewind series.

Developed by ISA, the ISA Conference Rewind series will feature a new video each month over the next several months. The featured videos will consist of the most popular presentations from our 2023 Virtual Event.

This series of videos was developed to provide new educational content from the industry’s top researchers, educators, and practitioners.

If you are new to our Conference Rewind series, take a look back at last year.

Additionally, ISA has developed a quiz component for individuals to check their learning following the podcast or video and earn CEUs.* Scroll below to view each presentation organized by month or view the full list without descriptions in our online store.

*Educational series is free to view, quizzes must be purchased to earn CEUs.

Spanish subtitles made possible through a grant from the USDA Forest Service.

June 2024

Socio-political Drivers of Urban Tree Diversity and Composition: Development, Symbolism, and Stratification - Alexander Martin & Lara Roman

This presentation combines two important urban trees—ash and London planetree—and examines their history in urban forest management. Through two case studies, Alexander Martin and Lara Roman examine how sociopolitical and biophysical drivers have shaped the composition of our urban forests. This quiz accompanying this presentation is worth 0.5 CEU credits. (A, M, Bm)

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May 2024

Planning and Managing Green Cities for Human Health and Well-Being - Francesco Ferrini

Many people may view greenspaces simply as an outlet for recreation and don’t consider what they can offer to improve citizens’ quality of life. Greenspaces help cities to reach the minimal thresholds for human well-being and are needed in cities. In this presentation, Francesco Ferrini discusses the benefits of urban greenspaces, plant selection for greenspaces, and various approaches to greenspaces within urban forestry.

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April 2024

How Sheet Mulches Damage Soil and Tree Health - Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott

Sheet mulching is a technique espoused in permaculture to suppress weeds and enhance soil health. However, there are no science-based citations to support the practice or the claims of its success. In this presentation, Dr. Chalker-Scott takes a closer look at the facts and myths around sheet mulching as well as other mulching techniques, offering insight on the best mulching solutions for soil and tree health.

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March 2024

Managerial Accounting for Tree Businesses - James Komen

A profit & loss sheet is the basic yardstick for a business. It’s meant to answer the question, “How are we doing?” But in many ways, the picture presented can become distorted unintentionally and give managers a false impression of a company’s health. In this presentation, James Komen discusses how to correct for these situations by changing the way transactions are recorded. Examples are framed within the context of a typical tree service company.

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February 2024

An Introduction to Arboricultural Biomechanics - Brian Kane, Ph.D

Arborists often manage the likelihood of tree failure—whether while assessing tree risk or when working in a tree to reduce risk. In this presentation, Brian Kane covers key engineering and physics concepts that can help arborists better understand the likelihood of failure when assessing risk, how to mitigate risk, and how to work safely.

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