ISA Certified Tree Climber

The ISA Certified Tree Climber program is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese and is designed for those who often climb trees as part of their job in the tree care industry.

The ISA Certified Tree Climber program is the only global, industry-wide climber certification to test knowledge and skills against internationally accepted standards related to skill and safe work practices. As an integral part of a career journey, being an ISA Certified Tree Climber allows you to show your competencies as a professional climber and ignites a continued passion for learning and development in this industry. To be eligible for the exam, you must have the following:

  • Eighteen months of climbing experience in arboriculture
  • Current training in a physical (practice) aerial rescue, CPR, and First Aid

Important applicant, candidate and credential holder information is available on this program guide. More information about eligibility and certification requirements, as well as enrollment fees and conditions, are also included in this guide. 

ISA Certifed Tree Climber Credential Holder Information 

ISA Certified Tree Climber certification is valid for three years. To retain certification after each three-year period, an ISA Certified Tree Climber must recertify. Notify ISA promptly if your contact information changes.

The ISA Certification Program offers two methods of recertification.

  • The first method is to retake and pass the certification exam again.
  • The second option is to accumulate at least 15 continuing education units (CEUs) over the three-year certification period that relates to the exam outline for the program. 

Regardless of the method, in order to recertify, credential holders must also provide: 

  • Proof of completion of training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid;
  • Proof of completion of a physical (practice) aerial rescue; and
  • Pay associated recertification fees (fee structure and other information is included in the program guide). 

Candidates and credential holders understand and agree to comply to a Code of Ethics. 

ISA Certified Tree Climber Candidate Information 

What's on the exam(s)?

The examination consists of two parts:

  • The written portion is made up of 65 multiple-choice questions. Each question has four possible answers listed, only one of which is correct. You will have 1.5 hours (90 minutes) to complete the written exam.
  • The skills-based part of the exam is an outdoor practicum. You will have 45 minutes to safely and successfully complete it.

Click here to learn more about the written exam.

Click here to view the examination form and required performance for the skills exam. 

Application Forms 

If you meet eligibility for the program, click here to apply now. Unsure if you meet eligibility? Contact our team! 

Exam Dates and Locations

The written examination can be taken through an authorized Pearson Vue test center. You can view skills examination events that are scheduled throughout the world by clicking here

Información en español

El programa ISA Certified Tree Climber está diseñado para quienes trepan a los árboles con frecuencia como parte de su trabajo en la industria del cuidado de árboles.

El programa ISA Certified Tree Climber es la única certificación global de trepadores en toda la industria que evalúa conocimientos y habilidades frente a estándares aceptados internacionalmente relacionados con habilidades y prácticas laborales seguras. Como parte integral de su trayectoria profesional, ser un profesional en trepa de árboles certificado por la ISA le permite demostrar sus competencias como trepador y demonstrar su pasión continua por el aprendizaje y el desarrollo en esta industria.

En esta guía del programa se encuentra disponible toda la información para solicitantes, candidatos y titulares de credenciales.