Stay Safe and Earn CEUs with the Z133 Video Safety Course

Stay Safe and Earn CEUs with the Z133 Video Safety Course


ISA offers a variety of educational materials and products to help arborists expand their professional knowledge and experience. Every month, we will feature a product or group of products. In November, ISA is featuring the Z133 Video Safety Course

The Z133 Video Safety Course consists of six sessions that focus on the most common hazards impacting safety when completing arboricultural tasks and operating, storing, and inspecting machinery. The six sessions in the course include: 

  • Preparing for the job 

  • Aerial lift safety 

  • Chain saw safety and use 

  • Chipper safety 

  • Climber safety 

  • Electrical safety 

Each session includes video training on safety requirements for common job site hazards and is followed by a knowledge check to test your understanding of the content. Individuals who take the course can earn 2.5 CEUs (A, U, M, T, L, Bm) after completing the final assessment with an 80% or higher.  

All information presented in this course derives from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z133 Safety Requirements--2017. Equipment and techniques represented here were approved at the time of Z133 publication and could change. 

  • Always consult your Operator’s Manual for additional instructions and safety messages that apply to your machine. 

  • Workers should be familiar with local, state, provincial, national, and federal government standards, and regulations applicable to the job assignment and requirements. 

  • The many training tools available through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) are excellent resources to aid in continuing education and training. 

  • The practices and recommendations contained in this course should be used in practice only by those properly trained, educated, and experienced in the field of arboriculture. 

  • ISA is responsible only for the educational program contained in this course and not for the use or misuse of these ideas in specific field situations or by inexperienced or improperly trained individuals. 

*CEUs can be earned from this product once per recertification cycle. This course must be repurchased if you have already taken it in the past. After repurchasing, please contact ISA customer service at 1.678.367.0981 and ask for a course reset. This step will ensure you receive a certificate of completion for your records. 


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