Learn to Treat Trees with the BMP – Tree Injection

Learn to Treat Trees with the BMP – Tree Injection

ISA offers a variety of educational materials and products to help arborists improve their arboricultural knowledge and experience. Every month we feature a product or group of products. This month, ISA is featuring the second edition of the Best Management Practices – Tree Injection by Shawn Bernick and Dr. Tom Smiley. This BMP has a corresponding CEU quiz worth 1 credit available for purchase.

The BMP Tree Injection serves as a guide for arborists who utilize tree injection to systematically treat trees for pest problems, nutrient deficiencies, or growth regulation. Tree injection is the process of applying treatment into the active xylem vascular tissue to distribute the active compounds into the wood, canopy, or roots where protection or nutrition is needed.

The new edition includes updated illustrations highlighting key points and an IPM flow chart consisting of terminology and decisions for selecting chemical treatments.

This BMP aims to help tree care workers learn important application considerations that will ensure successful tree injection treatments while also minimizing wounding associated with the treatments. Additionally, the book provides instruction on proper mixing, drill technique, and injection site placement and location, as well as other considerations

“There are numerous tree injection devices and tree injection products on the market and this publication provides consistent recommendations and acceptable practices,” Bernick said. “This book provides a set of best practices for tree injection applications that are critically important to ensure tree injection applicators use consistent practices with administering treatments.”

This publication is an excellent resource for application technicians, commercial tree care and landscape companies that perform tree injection treatments, and consulting arborists and account managers who prescribe PHC/IPM treatments. Additionally, municipal arborists, public works directors, or any other green industry professionals who use or consider tree injection treatments to manage insects, diseases, and overall tree health may find this publication to be an excellent addition to their home library

“If your organization is using tree injection, use this BMP as part of your technician training and have the BMP on hand to reference,” Bernick said.  “Cities can use the municipal tree injection specifications to standardize municipal bid specs as it relates to tree injection treatment details. This BMP creates industry best practices that should be used regardless of the tree injection device or techniques being used or considered.”

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