ISA Seeks Qualified Nominees for the ISA Board of Directors

Deadline to Submit Nominations is 14 October 2020

The purpose of this notice is to solicit nominations from ISA members to fill four director positions that will become open in August 2021. ISA members can nominate ANY current ISA member (including themselves) in good standing.

ISA’s Board of Directors (“the Board”) consists of the president, the president-elect, and thirteen directors. Three directors are elected by the Council of Representatives (CoR) and ten are elected directly by ISA members.

The terms of four current directors (John Gathright, Gail Nozal, Jim Flott, and Gordon Mann) will end in August 2021. John was elected by CoR; Gail, Jim and Gordon were elected by members. John and Gail are eligible to run for reelection, while Jim and Gordon are not. John and Gail will be running for re-election. 

Any ISA member in good standing is eligible for nomination. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else as a candidate for the Board, please send the name(s) to Sheilah Trail at ISA.

Ballots for the CoR and member elections require at least two qualified candidates for each open director position, which means at least eight qualified candidates are needed for the upcoming elections.

The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) will review all nominees and develop two ballots of qualified nominees—one for the CoR election, and one for the member election. Having a wide range of nominees from a variety of ISA components and sectors of the industry (commercial / residential, education, municipal, research, and utility) helps the NEC develop the best ballots. The NEC uses the following criteria to evaluate nominees’ qualifications:

  • ISA member in good standing
  • Past contributions and service to ISA and ISA components
  • Past contributions and service to other professional organizations in arboriculture and related fields
  • Past service in committee and leadership roles both within and outside of ISA
  • Professional work experience in arboriculture and related fields including research activities
  • Professional education and training in arboriculture and related fields
  • Achievement of Board diversity, including field(s) of expertise and geography
  • Recommendations
  • Any other relevant considerations

The closing date for Sheilah Trail to receive these nominations is 4:30 pm Eastern Time on 14 October 2020.

Please consider nominating someone (including yourself); ISA is a great organization thanks to your participation in the vital process of nominating and electing qualified candidates to the Board. Thanks very much for your help.
Jessica Sanders, PhD, PMP
Chair, ISA Nominating and Elections Committee

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