Begin your Journey to the BCMA with the Practice Domain

Begin your Journey to the BCMA with the Practice Domain

ISA offers a variety of educational materials to help arborists improve their arboricultural knowledge. Each week we will feature a product, or group of products that will enhance your arboriculture education. This week, ISA is featuring a collection of publications recommended to help prepare for the practice exam domain of the ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® exam.

The Tree Climbers’ Guide, written by Sharon Lilly, was written specifically from the tree climbers’ perspective to learn safe climbing and aerial tree work principles. The publication includes fully illustrated chapters about tree health and sciences, safety, ropes and knots, climbing, pruning, rigging, removal, and cabling.

Best Management Practices-Tree Planting, written by Gary Watson, focuses on the active process of tree planting, including site and species selection, planting practices, post-planting pruning, and early tree care. This publication covers topics on time of planting, palms, the redevelopment of root structure, and more.

Best Management Practices-Pruning provides reasons why pruning should be undertaken, explains pruning types, provides background on pruning cuts, reviews sample pruning specifications, and comments on the timing and necessity of these operations.

Best Management Practices-Integrated Pest Management, written by P. Eric Wiseman and Michael J. Raupp, provides a succinct overview of the basic definitions, concepts, and practices that pertain to landscape Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This publication is intended to aid arborists and landscape professionals in designing, planning, and implementing an IPM program as part of a comprehensive Plant Health Care (PHC) management system.

Best Management Practices-Tree Support Systems, written by E. Thomas Smiley and Sharon Lilly, describes proper installation and maintenance of cables, braces, guys, and props that can effectively limit the movement of branches, leaders, or entire trees. This publication covers topics about cabling, bracing, guying established trees, propping and more.

Up By Roots, written by James Urban and FASLA, discusses guidance in policy decision-making, and studies the basic science of soil, trees, and soil condition analysis. Thorough instruction is provided for applying soil-based, tree-based, and management-based strategies in the day-to-day, tree-by-tree development of large, healthy trees that help sustain a healthier, more inviting urban environment.

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