Begin your Journey to the BCMA with the Management Domain

Begin your Journey to the BCMA with the Management Domain

ISA offers a variety of educational materials to help arborists improve their arboricultural knowledge. Each week we will feature a product, or group of products that will enhance your arboriculture education. This week, ISA is featuring a collection of publications recommended to help prepare for the management exam domain of the ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® exam.

Arboriculture and the Law by Victor D. Merullo and Micael J. Valentine is an excellent resource regarding legal responsibilities of private property owners, municipalities, private tree companies, practicing arborists or public companies. This publication provides general information concerning trees and the rights and requirements of property ownership are discussed in relationship to situations often encountered by arborists.

Tree Risk Assessment Manual by Julian A. Dunster, and contributing authors: E. Thomas Smiley, Nelda Matheny, and Sharon Lilly provides a systematic and structured approach to tree risk assessment, including levels of assessment, target and site assessment, tree biology and mechanics, tree inspection, mitigation, and reporting.

BMP Tree Risk Assessment by E. Thomas Smiley, Nelda Matheny, and Sharon Lilly serves as a guide for arborists to assess tree risk as accurately and consistently as possible, to evaluate that risk, and to recommend measures that achieve an acceptable level of risk.

BMP Managing Trees During Construction by Kelby Fite and E. Thomas Smiley describes tree conservation and preservation practices that help to protect selected trees throughout the construction planning and development process so that they will continue to provide benefits for decades after site disturbance.

BMP Tree Inventories by Jerry Bond is written for professionals who manage a large number of trees that are considered primarily as individuals rather than as groups, in locations such as municipalities, university campuses, cemeteries, military bases, corporate grounds, arboreta, homeowners associations, and private grounds. It strives to serve as a guide for making informed choices that will match inventory goals with needs and resources.


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