Become a Better Climber with The Tree Climber’s Companion

Become a Better Climber with The Tree Climber’s Companion

ISA offers a variety of educational materials and products to help arborists expand their professional knowledge and experience. Every month, we will feature a product or group of products. In July, ISA will feature the third edition of The Tree Climber’s Companion by Jeff Jepson.

The Tree Climber’s Companion is an excellent reference and compact training manual for tree climbers. Significantly expanded upon, the third edition includes two new sections: “The Well-Prepared Climber,” which emphasizes the importance of acquiring as much knowledge and training as possible along with the proper equipment, and “Working in the Tree,” which covers the basic cutting and rigging techniques used during pruning, removal, and storm damage operations.

Additionally, the third edition includes updated content on “Entering the Tree," which is expanded to address developments in moving rope systems, stationary rope systems, and climbing with spikes. It also includes an improved "Knots for Climbing and Rigging” section, updated terminology, new illustrations, and much more. The new "companion" will continue inspiring arborists and anyone who wants to climb trees safely and efficiently.

Jepson's updated manual features additional pages and is perfect for arborists and individuals interested in safely and efficiently climbing trees. It systematically approaches climbing, and its compact format makes it ideal for climbers to take with them to use as a reference when they climb to review technique or a specific knot.

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