Job Detail

Forestry Laborer

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Salary: $29.85

The Forestry Laborer will work with a team of arborists for the proper pruning and the safe removal of trees in the Park District's high use areas.

Essential Functions:

  1. Demonstrates proficiency of manually climbing trees.
  2. Performs skilled level arboriculture tasks.
  3. Proficient knowledge of equipment operation pertinent to the field of arboriculture.
  4. Uses independent judgment and demonstrates initiative in completing assigned work tasks.
  5. Demonstrates technical knowledge in the proper plant material identification, pruning, and tree removal process.
  6. Performs general mechanical repairs on equipment beyond first echelon of maintenance.
  7. Instructs/trains and leads other employees in the trade/skills pertaining to the arboriculture field.
  8. Coordinates and completes arboriculture tasks within the Park District's high use areas.
  9. Operates and maintains at least 2 of the following equipment: aerial bucket, chipper, stump cutter and front-end loader, and special skilled-trade tools.
  10. Performs related duties as apparent or assigned.

Employer Info

4101 Fulton Pkwy
Cleveland, Ohio 44144


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