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TRAQ Certified Arborist- full time

Location: Sierras, California
Salary: $58.47 an hour

Coleman Environmental Engineering, Inc. is looking to IMMEDIATELEY hire multiple Senior Vegetation Management Inspectors for a Utility Tree Risk Inspecting Vegetation Management program!
The primary responsibilities include:
·                  Inspect rights-of-way to assess vegetation conditions and determine required maintenance activities.
    •    Research easement and land rights for widths, rights, and restrictions.
    •    Meet with landowners to explain vegetation management work.
    •    Respond to public concerns and questions about the work.
    •    Respond to contractor questions concerning work specification and requirements.
    •    Document work activity using GIS equipped computer & custom work planning software.
    •    Inspect work completed by contractors for compliance to utility specifications.
    •    Provide support and assistance on special projects as assigned by the utility.
    •    Ability to accurately identify tree, plant species and have working knowledge of growth rates and measurements
    •    Enjoy working outdoors independently in rugged terrain and inclement weather
    •    Ability to work long hours outdoors and on your feet
Requirements to be considered for the project:
·                  TRAQ Certificate Required
    •    Five (5) years of experience as a tree crew climber/tree crew foreman with at least two (2) years of line clearance certification OR
    •    Five (5) years of experience as a Vegetation Management Inspector and Certified Arborist OR
    •    Five (5) years of experience as a Registered Professional Forester OR Five (5) years of experience as a Utility Inspector or higher classification with at least one (1) year of vegetation management experience OR
    •    Four (4) years of Military Service with honorable discharge and at least one (1) year additional year of vegetation management inspection experience AND
    •    Approval by Client Representative
    •    This is a union position and all successful applicants are required to join as part of the offer
We're offering:
·                  Benefits: medical, dental, vision, life insurance, & 401k plan. 
    •    50 hour work weeks, with double overtime
    •    7 day a week per diem for lodging, $100/per day
    •    $50/day for sustenance (food) for days worked  
    •    Effective straight time rate is $58.47/hour or $2,338.80/week
    •    Effective premium (overtime) time rate is $93.56/hour

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Sierras, California


  • Consultant
  • Utility

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