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Urban Forestry Specialist (officially, Truck Driver - Forestry)

Location: Chattanooga, TN
Salary: $44,573.25 - $55,715.79

Here's a link to the job posting on the City of Chattanooga's website.

Tree pruning and removal, as part of a 3-5 person crew. No climbing, bucket work only from 40', 60', 75' lift trucks. Some crane removal (as rigger/cutter). Also operates grapple trucks for cleanup. Incidental line clearance only (not within 10' of high voltage). There are no groundperson roles here - crew is made up of Crew Lead and 2-3 Specialists -- bucket work, flagging, cleanup work are shared. CDL B or A required.

The full job description has a laundry list of trucks you would drive and other duties, which is really not the case. We are part of a larger Public Works operation and on occasion our CDL drivers get temporarily reassigned to other sections. This is rare, this position is dedicated to Urban Forestry operations. There are opportunities for voluntary overtime though with other sections. 


Employer Info

900 E 11TH ST
CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee 37404


  • Municipal

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