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Plant Health Care Technician

Location: Moore, Ok
Salary: $15-$20/Hour

ARBOR IMAGE TREE CARE | (405)815-7959 

Position. Plant Health Care Technician (in training) reports to the PHC Manager or equivalent. This is a full-time position and requires a 3-month training process. 

Personal Development. The guiding philosophy behind the company PHC Program is improving soil health, and proactive pest management solutions to help trees realize their full genetic potential. To learn more about how we accomplish this, and the methods we employ you can study Applying Pesticides Correctly Manual from ODAFF, and the International Society of Arboriculture Certification Study Guide. 

Daily Expectations 

Typical expectations of this valued position are to monitor, evaluate, and document each job site's tree health using company provided software. We visit 5-15 unique properties a day to implement regularly scheduled seasonal treatments on their trees. Technicians will be applying these seasonal applications along with other prescribed remedies that lead to beautiful, flourishing trees for life. 

The qualified candidate will have a desire for knowledge accumulation in the areas of horticulture, and arboriculture. We train regularly to stay sharp. Company training is geared towards becoming ISA Certified as an arborist. Certification comes with increased earning and job advancement opportunities. 

Technicians look first for natural causes first: 

• Soil health and watering regimens of our clients are assessed 

• Host resistance - right tree for the right area must be considered 

• Issues such as planting depth, root collar exposure, and proper mulching 

• String trimmer damage, along with girdling roots, cage twine and guide wires for staking left in place too long. 

Technician's are responsible for: 

• Wearing company provided Proper Protective Equipment (PPE) while applying applications 

• Attention to label requirements per EPA and OK Department of Food & Forestry (ODAFF) Mixing ratios and application rates combined to maximize proper application and treatment 

Other responsibilities include: 

• Provide proper diagnostics and recommendations for biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) conditions affecting tree and shrub health 

• Perform different company prescribed methods of fertilization of trees and shrubs using root feeding, spray, granular and trunk injection methods 

• Use of an AirSpade for vertical mulching, root collar excavation, and aeration 

Compost Tea preparation, cleaning of equipment and application 


• Current Driver's license with driving record in good standing 

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Aptitude for continuing education in industry specific certifications and courses 

• Able to work in, and manage the local terrain topography in inclement weather as needed 

• Positive, can-do attitude is highly rewarded, promoted and part of our culture 

3 Months of Training. 

The first 30 days: Will be focused on creating competency as a PHC Technician with knowledge of the equipment and knowledge of how to apply pesticides correctly. Daily activity will include visiting clients' properties to perform seasonal applications, monitoring tree health at each residence, and studying daily to become a state certified technician. By the end of the 30 day period you will show competency on how to apply pesticides correctly by being ODAFF certified. You will demonstrate your knowledge of how to use and properly maintain equipment by doing a trail visit where you handle all applications. You will demonstrate the learned skills by teaching the PHC Crew how to operate the spray truck at the trial visit: Starting procedures, how to use each tank, hose management, label reading, safety procedures, and how to properly use accessory tools. 

Second 30 Days: is aimed at giving you knowledge of tree biology, Morphology, Soil Health. To show competency in these areas you will need to be able to pass ISA Study guide quiz #1-3 and to give a well reasoned response to the challenge questions at the end of each section. Daily activities during this time will also be to learn about common pests we face, treatments we provide, and product label knowledge. To demonstrate product label knowledge Tech will need to be able to communicate in writing with clients via job forms for each visit. 

Third 30 Days: Must learn about Water Regimens, Tree Nutrition and Fertilization, and Tree diagnosis. To show competency in these areas you will need to be able to pass ISA Study guide quiz #4-5 & 10 and to give a written response to the challenge questions at the end of each section. By this stage Tech needs to be issued by the company to operate Spray Truck, Pass spray truck driving test, and be accomplished enough in all areas of training in order to operate independently on a route. 

Compensation: Starting at $15 an hour technician's can receive as much as $20 an hour depending on quality references, relevant experience, industry certifications, and qualifications. This does not include performance or certification bonuses. 

Additionally, all employees during training must meet the following no exceptions circumstances: 

A full 40 hours of work is performed each week. 

There are no missed days of work during each work week with the exception of company offered holidays, or company designated inclement weather. 

All monthly performance measures are accomplished. 

No tardiness during the expected Mon-Thu 7AM - 5:30PM (including a thirty minute unpaid lunch) work schedule during training. After training is completed schedule is 7AM-5:00PM 

Employee Benefits. The Company offers an employee benefits program as outlined in the employee handbook, including: PTO - Paid Time Off - Group Health Insurance - Group Dental Group Vision - Group Term Life - Self Directed IRA - Other Benefits TBD

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3540 S Telephone Road
Moore, Oklahoma 73160
(405) 815-7959


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