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Chicago Region Carbon Program Third-Party Verifier for Planting Projects

Location: Chicago Area
Salary: Hourly rate ranges $50 to $100/hour

The Chicago Region Carbon Program is seeking Third-Party Verifier candidates to support urban forest carbon projects registered with City Forest Credits (CFC).
Independent verification of carbon projects ensures the integrity and quality of the projects registered under CFC. Third-Party Verifiers, also known as validation/verification bodies (VVBs), verify that carbon projects meet the rules and requirements in the CFC carbon protocols. All VVBs must be qualified and approved by CFC. See qualification statement and application form. City Forest Credits will provide to all verifiers a verification checklist, verification documents, and training in its carbon protocols and quantification methods.
Verifiers generally are not required to do on-site inspections of projects. The verifier conducts a desk review of all documents submitted by Project Operators to CFC, including maps, photos, imaging and/or GPS data, the project design document, and quantification data. The verifier will then produce a Verification Report, using the approved CFC template.
Candidates for becoming verifiers for the CFC Tree Planting Protocol should have some experience in forestry or urban forestry, as well as familiarity with the following:
• Plot sampling, and/or physical inventories of trees (including measurement)
• Methods of tracking or keeping inventories of urban trees planted
• iTree
See next page for more verification details.
Start date: August 15, 2022
Hours per month: Estimate 10 to 12 hours for training in September on City Forest Credits protocols and tools. Training time is paid at a negotiated hourly rate. Project verification will take place between November 2022 and February 2023. Each project takes approximately 4 to 8 hours to complete verification.
Compensation: Hourly rate ranges $50 to $100/hour depending on experience
Contact: Liz Johnston, Director at City Forest Credits,

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