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Safety Rep

Location: Bristol, VA, Shelbyville, TN
Salary: Based on Qualifications and Experience

ABOUT THE JOB: Safety Rep, partners with Operations to support and deliver value to our frontline workers. The Safety Reps main responsibility is supporting crews in working safely.  This role should assume approximately 70% travel which mostly entails field visits with crews and Operations Leadership.


Improve the safety of work.

  • Join crews to understand the gap between how work is being done and the procedures / policies to update models of risk, identify challenges, surface good practices, and enhance operational discipline.
  • Support crews in using safety and human performance tools and practices, ensuring that what the safety team produces is effective in the field.
  • Advise on plans and methods to perform difficult or high-risk jobs safely. Facilitate an exchange of perspectives that evolve toward a shared picture of risk and a safer plan.
  • Act as a scout, seeking and sharing information, good practices, and lessons across organizational boundaries.
  • Lead projects and Learning Teams to advance Pittman Tree and line clearance industry safety through designing, testing, and deploying new practices and tools.  
  • Provide fresh insight and actionable suggestions to improve safety performance.
  • Inspect fleet vehicles and equipment for required documents, operational safety features, and equipment in good operation condition.

Facilitate learning.

  • Train and coach on:
    • working safely with utility line clearance tools such as saws (chain and hand), pruners, hanger poles, ropes and rigging tools, saddles, full body harnesses, aerial lifts, and more.
    • technical skills from fundamentals to advanced (i.e., roping and rigging, collision avoidance, climbing techniques).
    • safety related processes and risks (i.e., aerial rescue, electrical safety, 1st aid/CPR)
  • Explore and learn about the latest safety and human performance science and practices.
  • Learn, teach, translate, and coach executives, leaders, crews, and peers on understanding and applying safety and human performance theories, tools, and practices.
  • Act as a storyteller, authoring story-style case studies based on real serious injury (potential) events to build collective memory.
  • Design drills that incorporate human factors for action-based learning.
  • Partner with operations to report close calls and incidents.
  • Investigate and analyze events using methods to surface the “deeper story” and system gaps.
  • Onboard new workers.


  • Associate degree in a related field or other recognized safety credentials such as CUSP, CTSP, or ISA Arborist or equivalent work experience. 
  • Five years of line clearance experience. 
  • Certified Tree Care Safety Professional credential (obtain)
  • Driver’s License is required. Must be familiar with large vehicle regulations. 


  • Are responsible, trustworthy, honest, and act with integrity.
  • Are curious, creative, and willing to learn.
  • Enjoy teamwork and actively contribute.
  • Develop positive relationships, gain trust and respect for the company.
  • Are willing to travel for storm and other types of support on short notice.


  • Line clearance work.
  • Care and use of utility line clearance tree tools such as saws (chain and hand,) pruners, pole tools, ropes and rigging tools, saddles, full body harnesses, aerial lifts, chippers, and more.
  • Tree worker personal protective equipment. 
  • Excellent written, oral, and presentation skills.
  • OSHA, ANSI, DOT and tree industry regulations and standards.
  • Computer, smart phone, and Microsoft products.

Employer Info

621 S Royal Ave
Front Royal, Virginia 22630


  • Climber
  • Instructor
  • Other
  • Supervisor
  • Utility

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