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Arboriculture Superintendent

Location: Lexington, KY
Salary: $46,342-76,461/year

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The Arboriculture Superintendent specializes in and oversees the care, nurturing, maintenance, and cultivation of trees campus-wide, including all aspects of pruning, felling, planting, fertilizing and protecting trees; provides expertise in support of the campus-wide University Landscape Master Plan, and ensures planning requests meet legislation and preservation requirements; ensures tree protection standards are enforced; conducts campus-wide assessments of trees in accordance with the standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture; carries out detailed surveys of sites to record the number of trees and their condition, and decides what work needs to be done; examines trees in significant detail to ensure their safeguarding; collaborates with various entities, including utilities, to enhance University arboriculture; advises on proper tree selection and specific planting preparations and procedures depending on soil conditions, situations, and visual qualities; estimates costs for the work to be carried out; when necessary, Initiates and participates in the development of vendor bid specifications and oversees contracts and contractors; Instructs arborists and groundskeepers in woody plant care; inspects trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds to determine need for trimming, spraying, or other appropriate treatment; treats disease and insect spread in trees; performs work with considerable independence within departmental and horticultural guidelines; ensures the health and aesthetic facts related to the good living of trees.

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LEXINGTON, Kentucky 40506


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