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Conservation Crew Foreman

Location: Park City, Utah
Salary: $25-30/hour + overtime

Conservation Crew Foreman



The Crew Foreman position serves a critical place in the organization of Alpine Forestry as the link between the crew members, crew leads, and the management team.  The Foreman will oversee the day to day operations of the crew, and will be present most of the time on job sites.  The structure is intentionally set up to allow for flexibility to support the work logistically as well. Leadership, mentorship, and communication are key components of the Foreman role; attention to detail, safety, crew member well being, and overall knowledge and awareness of company goals and expectations are paramount.  


We expect the Foreman to gain the knowledge and understanding of each facet of operations at Alpine Forestry, and to strive for excellence by asking questions, providing feedback, participating in training, and taking initiative.  This position is physically and mentally demanding, the work is strenuous and complex, and it requires a high level of personal commitment.  Some duties and responsibilities listed below are shared with the Operations Manager, Crew Leads, and crew members.  The Crew Foreman must possess the ability to work up and down the organizational chart to fill roles as needed to ensure a safe and effective working environment.  Cross training for the ability to backfill the Operation Manager position as needed would be facilitated by AF leadership. 


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Supervisory and Management: 


  • Supervise crew leads and crew members. 

  • Interface with clients about project details as needed. 

  • Backfill operations manager as needed. 

  • Take on a specialty area of the business to focus on, assign duties, and report up. (Facilities, vehicles, equipment, gear, medical)

  • Provide overall project briefings and individual crew assignments.

  • Provide training and mentorship to crew members.


  • Operational:


  • Chainsaw Operations - Felling, limbing, bucking, and brushing. This is the foundational skill set for all AF employees.  

  • Arborist Operations - Additional skills for technical tree work, including climbing, rigging, winching, and using aerial lifts.

  • Equipment Operations - Tracked chipper, mini excavator, skid steer, grapple equipment, heavy hauling. 

  • Prescribed Fire - Planning and implementation of pile or broadcast burning. 

  • Wildfire Suppression - Chipper or felling assignments or other opportunities to assist and build skills in wildfire response. 


  • Logistical:


  • Inspection and maintenance of chainsaws, arbor gear, and accessories. 

  • Ensure vehicle logs are completed and vehicles are clean, fueled, and ready to go for the next operational shift

  • Provide timely feedback from projects and share pertinent information from the field; including personnel and equipment issues.

  • Handle errands, purchasing, and special missions to support field work. 


  • Safety:


  • Ensure PPE is worn by everyone on site.

  • Ensure adequate drinking water, electrolytes, and snacks are available for daily operations.

  • Ensure a medical plan is in place, 1st aid kit is on site, and its location known to all.

  • Ensure site safety plan is complete and crew is briefed to specific hazards.


  • Shop:


  • Assist in organization of tools, parts, and gear.

  • Maintain inventory of expendable items, assist with purchasing and stocking.

  • Maintenance and repair of tools, equipment, and gear.


  • Office: 


  • Assist crew members with timekeeping and help ensure time is reported accurately and tracked to a specific project.

  • Participate in biannual performance reviews with the crew leads and management team.

  • Participate in project planning and crew member assignments. 


  • Training: 


  • Help organize and conduct training for the crew.

  • Notify management of any potential “gaps” in training.

  • Set personal goals for ongoing specialty training and skills improvement. 




  • Basic Wildland Firefighter S-130 / S-190 / ICS-100 / L-180

  • Wildland Fire Chainsaw Operations S-212 

  • Truck and trailer operations

  • Chipper and equipment operations

  • Pump and hose operations for prescribed fire




  • Commercial Drivers License

  • Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (CWMS)

  • NWCG Wildfire and Prescribed fire classes and task books

  • Advance felling techniques 

  • Drone Pilot

  • Mapping and technology (ArcGIS)

  • ISA arborist 

  • CPR, 1st aid, WFR


Compensation, Term, and Benefits:


  • $25 - $30 per hour

  • Overtime at 1.5 x’s over 40 hrs per week

  • 10 month target commitment, March-December with opportunity to extend

  • $400 annual supplemented life insurance stipend

  • $400 annual boot and outdoor gear stipend

  • Personal use of Company tools, vehicles, and gear (with prior approval)

  • Paid training opportunities


Application Period: Interested parties would need to submit a resume, professional references, and a cover letter by March 31st, 2022 to Please direct any questions to David Telian at 435-400-4154.

Employer Info

3070 Rasmussen Rd.
Park City, Utah 84098


  • Climber
  • Commercial/Residential
  • General Foreman
  • Manager
  • Other
  • Supervisor

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