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Operation Manager

Location: Park City, Utah
Salary: $60,000-$65,000




“Alpine Forestry is committed to achieving fire adapted and resource rich landscapes through detailed planning, comprehensive treatment, and sustainable management. We seek to be an industry leader in best land practices, environmental stewardship, and strong community partnerships.”


2022 Operations Manager




Alpine Forestry is looking to fill a full time, year round Operations Manager leading up into the 2022 field season in Park City, Utah. This position would be a crucial part of a 4 person business management team, and would report directly to the Company owners. The Operations Manager would supervise multiple crew foreman and crew leads throughout the year for the full range of tasks that make up AF’s workload. The Operations Manager would report across to the Planning, Administration, and Logistics coordinator (PAL), and be able to backfill that position as needed. Along with other AF team members, the Operations Manager would coordinate and supervise subcontractors, provide project management, and be critical in business development by assisting in project acquisition and client interface.   


Core values at AF include building a culture of safety, strong work ethic, and healthy team dynamics.  Personal qualities desired of the Operations Manager are self motivation , a willingness  to be exemplary amongst the organization, and possessing a strong sense of commitment to the team and mission. Professional qualities desired are strong communication skills, experience in planning and management, and overall good business sense. As a growing small business, Alpine Forestry needs to fill this role with someone who has a relevant background to support immediate work. Industry specific experience will be the primary determining factor of starting salary. 


Job Requirements:


  • Industry related knowledge and skills
  • Physical ability to perform strenuous work in harsh environments
  • Availability to travel as part of AF duties
  • Valid driver's license
  • Proof of Covid vaccination


Duties and Responsibilities:



Field and Business Operations 60%


Local project management

■ Field supervision of crews

■ Site visits, inspections, progress evaluations

■ Management of subcontractors


Business development

■ Client interface

■ Project estimates

■ Market scouting


Assist crews in field work

■ Perform felling, bucking, and other cutting operations

■ Use equipment such as chippers, aerial lifts, skidsteers, and grapples

■ Perform arborist tasks such as climbing, winching, and rigging


Prescribed fire

■ Assist in burn planning

■ Implementation of pile and broadcast burning

■ Obtain Type 3 burn boss qualification ○ Fire suppression assignments

■ Engine or crew module

■ Equipment contracting (VIPR), chipper or faller

■ Obtain National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) qualifications


Consulting and assessments

■ Assist consulting team with ground work and reports

■ Hazard tree assessments

■ Fire and fuels assessments

■ Obtain Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (CWMS)


GIS / Tech

■ Assist with project mapping

■ Perform boundary marking

■ Collect field data, including photo plots and observations

■ Assist with aerial imagery


Logistical 10%

○ Logistically support field work

■ Obtain commercial driver's license

■ Errands and special missions

○ Vehicle maintenance and improvements

○ Facilities maintenance and improvements

○ Purchasing


Administration 30%

○ Scheduling crew

○ Project planning

○ Project accounting

○ Invoicing

○ Bill pay

○ Vehicle / equipment tracking

○ Hiring and outreach

○ Training facilitation

○ Crew performance reviews


Training opportunities:

● Technical felling

● Wildland and Prescribed fire training

○ NWCG suppression qualifications

○ Prescribed Fire - Type 3 burn boss, Firing Boss etc.

○ NWCG instructor

● Arborist track

● Natural resource track

● Machinery, chainsaws, and equipment

● Consulting work

○ Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (CWMS)

○ FAA drone pilot

○ GIS and modeling

○ Forestry management



● $60,000 - $65,000 per year

● Hourly rate over 80 hours in a 14 day period

● 10 days paid vacation

● $400 Supplemented life insurance

● $400 Boot and outdoor gear stipend

● Company vehicle, as appropriate

● Company laptop / phone, as appropriate

● Personal use of Company tools, vehicles, and gear (with approval)

● Paid training

● Yearly review of pay and benefits


Application Period: Interested parties would need to submit a resume, professional references, and a cover letter by March 31st, 2022 to Please direct any questions to David Telian at 435-400-4154.

Employer Info

3070 Rasmussen Rd.
Park City, Utah 84098


  • Climber
  • Commercial/Residential
  • General Foreman
  • Manager
  • Supervisor

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