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Location: San Diego, CA
Salary: $18 - $32 /hr

Greetings! We are looking for someone who is excited about the opportunity not just to work with plants, but to work in an environment where your creativity is rewarded- as well as someone who is on time , and has solid work ethic.

Pay rate is based on experience.

*Best candidates have an artistic eye, are detail oriented, task focused , career minded.

We do mostly aesthetic pruning. An aspiring arborist is a great candidate for the position, as we consider the health of each tree, even if it's the same genus and species- we concern ourselves with the control of the growth- and we certainly take steps, sometimes tedious steps, to find the attractiveness in each tree.

We take safety seriously, and we do not climb large trees. Often, work can be done on the ground or with a short orchard ladder. Hand tools are preferred over chainsaws, as they are safer and make cleaner cuts.

Please apply if this suits you, and you have integrity. Provide references, and include a resume if you have one. A few words about why you are interested in this job would be helpful too.

You are highly encouraged to vaccinate against Covid-19, as shall we.

I am the owner and climber (less and less, hopefully!), and I look forward to hearing from you.



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13303 Bavarian Dr.
San Diego, California 92129


  • Climber
  • Commercial/Residential

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