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Assistant Nursery Manager

Location: Berryville, VA

Assists the Nursery Manager conducts and leads in a wide range of duties common to a tree farm, including but not limited to: tree production – planting, staking, tying, pruning, fertilization, inventory etc.; grounds and facilities maintenance; equipment procurement, maintenance and related tasks. The incumbent is able to successfully work with a wide variety of individuals, empowering them to instill an appreciation of tree production trade, ensuring a safe work environment, while maintaining quality and production standards.

Essential Functions

  • Assists in all aspects of tree production and grounds and facilities maintenance
  • Supervises nursery field staff, seasonal, contract, temporary labor, and occasionally volunteers
  • Ensures that safety protocols are internalized and followed for all staff
  • Maintains field inventory with data tracking system developed for this purpose.
  • Inventories/grades nursery stock, coordinates harvest and delivery
  • Monitors nursery fields and farm landscapes for pest/disease
  • Follows/develops pesticide application program using IPM protocols; orders and maintains pesticide inventory; maintains pesticide application records; applies pesticides according to all local/state/federal standards and ensures same of subordinate staff
  • Develops/installs and maintains irrigation systems
  • Operates farm equipment and powered (PTO) and ground-driven implements in field nursery and grounds maintenance operations, including tractors and track loader, mowers, auger, tree spade, chipper, sprayer, tillage implements, seed drill, wood splitter, stump grinder, pumps etc.
  • Operates hand-held power tools and machinery in grounds and facilities maintenance operations, including chainsaws, line trimmers, blowers, drills, saws, etc.
  • Performs routine equipment and small motor maintenance including oil and air filter changes, lubrication, blade sharpening, etc.
  • Performs nursery production tasks including planting, pruning, suckering, tying and staking, inventory, weeding, spot-spraying, mulching, etc.
  • Drives truck and trailer to accomplish various tasks
  • Conducts/leads nursery tours, educational and related events as required
  • Remains current on industry trends/practices in horticulture/urban forestry
  • Attends relevant trade shows, seminars and educational events
  • Connects people to trees
  • Other duties as assigned

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Berryville, Virginia


  • Manager
  • Supervisor

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