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Plant Healthcare Specialist

Location: Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL

As a Plant Healthcare Specialist, the vast majority of your time will be spent outdoors, in the beautiful landscapes of Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs.  You will be responsible for the majority of the company’s tree & shrub care treatment applications.  You will interact with customers on a daily basis, discussing the nature of the visit, answering basic questions and acting as a liaison between the customer and the consulting Arborist.  You will be driving a new company service truck on a predetermined route with scheduled stops on a daily basis.  Plant Healthcare Specialists are responsible for providing a wide range of Arboricultural tree & shrub care services.  Treatment methods will include (but not limited to) spraying of trees, trunk injections, prescribed fertilizations, soil amendments and more.  The Plant Healthcare Specialist will report directly to the company owner and consulting Arborist. 

Employer Info

Barrington, IL
BARRINGTON, Illinois 60010


  • Commercial/Residential

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