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State Urban & Community Forestry Coordinator

Location: Middle Tennessee
Salary: $60,000 Total Compensation

  • Plan, coordinate, and facilitate a statewide urban and community forestry program to improve quality of life for people living in Tennessee’s cities, towns, and communities.
  • Provide education programs and technical assistance to State and local organizations (including community associations and schools) in maintaining forested lands and individual trees in urban and community settings and identifying appropriate tree species and sites for expanding forest cover.
  • Enhance the technical skills and understanding of sound tree maintenance and arboricultural practices involving the cultivation of trees, shrubs, and complementary ground covers, of individuals involved in the planning, development, and maintenance of urban and community forests and trees.
  • Promote the establishment of demonstration projects in selected urban and community settings to illustrate the benefits of maintaining and creating forest cover and trees.
  • Develop collaborations with other organizations to help plan and deliver the state U&CF program.
  • Collect data that measures the status of Tennessee’s U&CF program and satisfies FS and TUFC/TDF requirements and expectations.

Employer Info

406 Hogan Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37220


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