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Environmental Program Coordinator

Location: Austin, TX

The City of Austin is seeking an Environmental Program Coordinator within the Urban Forestry Program. The Urban Forestry Program is responsible for implementing Austin’s Urban Forest Plan. The City of Austin adopted Austin’s Urban Forest Plan: A Master Plan for Public Property in 2014.


All applications must be submitted through the city's employment website:


The Environmental Program Coordinator will lead community forest sustainability initiatives for the City of Austin. This work will be accomplished by partnering with other agencies and organizations, collaborating with other City of Austin departments, coordinating with stakeholders, and engaging with the community.

Activities include but are not limited to:

-Support city-wide tree canopy preservation and growth through neighborhood level community based partnerships.

-Provide interdepartmental support and coordination to implement existing city plans on public property (Austin’s Urban Forest Plan, Climate Equity Plan, Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Invasive Species Management Plan, etc.)

-Integrate sustainable urban forest health management strategies and messaging into priority programs and projects.

-Support, build upon, and knit together existing programs in order to develop a comprehensive program supporting a robust and resilient urban forest

Duties will include:

-Collaborate with team members

-Engage with the community

-Partner and coordinate with other organizations

-Identify and monitor relevant threats to Austin’s urban forest

-Provide supervision to staff

Additional knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to this position:

-Ability to work with minimal direction

-Ability to accurately identify/determine program or project needs and take appropriate actions and/or steps to address identified needs

-Ability to recognize, value, and include different perspectives, experiences, approaches, and cultures in achieving organizational goals

-Proactively engaging with innovative, creative, or newly emerging software/concepts to meet business needs

-Ability to understand and communicate complex technical information to a diverse audience.

-Ability to facilitate public meetings, present information to the public and create content for diverse audiences.

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Austin, TX,


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