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Tree Climber

Location: Southbury, CT
Salary: $22-$30 per hours based on experience & knowledge

Using sophisticated climbing and rigging techniques, cut away dead or excesss branches from trees or shrubs to maintain right-of-way for roads, sidewalks or utilities and/or to improve appearance, health and value of tree.

Prune or treat trees or shrubs using handsaws, hand pruners, clippers and power pruners. Works off the ground in the tree canopy and may use truck-mounted lifts.

Musst possess physical strength and agility, good balance, good depth perception and the ability to hear verbal instructions from a distance.

Must be able to climb and descend trees using rope and safety saddle, to learn, administer and implement emergency rescue, techniques including tree rescue and all pplicable first aid techniques.




Employer Info

PO Box 948
Southbury, Connecticut 06488


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