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South Region Safety Supervisor - All Reliable Services, Inc. (Florida, Virginia, North Carolina)

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Salary: 65K-75K Salary Depending on Experience

All Reliable Services, Inc. Safety Supervisor Job Responsibilities and Qualification

A Safety Supervisor is responsible to supervise and assess the activities of vegetation management crews to ensure that their work is safe, compliant will all regulatory requirements, and meets quality standards.

General Duties and Responsibilities:
• Demonstrates absolute commitment to safety by behavior, deed, and word.
• Shall identify any known or seen at-risk behavior and seek corrective action.
• Performs announced and unannounced safety observations to ensure field leadership is promoting a safe working culture and is compliant with all regulatory requirements.
• Identifies at-risk behavior and coordinates corrective actions with operational leadership.
• Identifies desirable behavior and those who demonstrate a desirable safety culture.
• Identifies equipment maintenance, housekeeping, and compliance non-conformities. Coordinates corrective actions with operational leadership.
• Actively seeks leading indicators to prevent unwanted outcomes.
• Enforces safety procedures, policy, and requirements from an understanding of human performance influence.
• May assist field training of new equipment dependent on experience.
• Assists with crew training.
• Meets with Regional Manager, other safety representatives, operational leadership and others to discuss findings and form appropriate responses.
• Reviews operational leadership’s compliance with record keeping, job briefings, daily inspections, crew training requirements, safety training, and safety observations.
• Assists with incident root cause investigations and follow up training.

• Works in all temperatures and weather.
• May work around excessive noise from machines, chain saws, wood chippers, and other equipment with hearing protection.
• May be exposed to nature i.e. irritating plants and biting or stinging insects, and dust.
• May work on unlevel terrain.
• May be exposed to dogs and other animals.

• Must be able to wear necessary PPE as per task assigned.
• Must be able to safely drive an approved company vehicle.
• Must be able to enter and exit a vehicle numerous times a day.
• Must be able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i.e. rain, heat, sun, cold.
• Must be able to traverse various terrains.
• Must be able to write, read, and comprehend written and verbal job instructions/information specific to position.
• Must be able to communicate and handle confrontations professionally.
• Must have at least 6 years of relative experience.
• Must embrace desired safety culture with absolute integrity.
• Must be comfortable with identifying at-risk behaviors and administering corrective actions.
• Must participate with continued education opportunities as requested by the Safety Department Manager.
• Shall be CPR and First Aid Certified.
• An ISA Arborist Certification is highly encouraged and may be required on an individual basis to support relative experience or adhere to customer specific requirements.
• Suitable qualification and experience determined at the discretion of the Safety Department Manager.
• Must adhere to company training requirements.

Work Site Safety:
• Coaches and develops crew leaders in their safety roles and embracement of the desired safety culture.
• Makes certain that employees receive training for work procedures and that delegated work responsibilities are compatible with skill levels and abilities.
• Provides immediate correction to at-risk behaviors and provides constructive criticism.
• Recognizes and rewards favorable safe work behavior and crew performance.
• Works with crew to assure that employees have the appropriate safety equipment to perform job tasks.

Work Direction and Oversight:
• Reports to and receives direction from the Safety Department Manager.
• May design and issue corrective actions for any employee of All Reliable Services, Inc. regardless of territory or title for at-risk behavior in accordance with our human performance policy and corrective action policy. Has the authority to
terminate employees for at-risk behavior if necessary and if congruent with company policy.
• May stop an operation for at-risk behavior and red tag equipment for non-compliance or safety concerns.

Manages Personnel Training and development:
• Works with Crew Leaders to ensure that skill verification is conducted to assess new hires and support skill-based rate increases
• Ensures that employees receive training from operational leadership to prepare for job assignments, including new hire orientation and job-specific training
• Appraises performance of direct reports to communicate expectations and provide constructive feedback as a means for improvement
• Encourages professionalism and pride in profession by promoting appropriate licensing and professional designation programs, and participation in professional associations and profession-related activities.
• Conducts safety meetings and stand downs periodically to promote a safe working culture and engage with all crew members.

• Communicates with employees about the Company’s values and vision. Interprets and explains company policies and procedures. Ensures Crew Leaders carry chain of communication to next level.
• Acts as a link to the corporate office for employees on administrative issues, requests for information and other work-related questions.
• Responds to employee needs and concerns quickly and confidentially.

Discipline and conflict resolution:
• Mediates employee conflict in the best interests of the employees, and the overall best interests of the organization
• Administers corrective action program.

• Serves as a role model for professional behavior, and leads by example.
• Provides motivation needed to meet safety, efficiency and quality standards.
Safety Supervisor Job Responsibilities and Qualification.

Administrative Functions:
• Maintains records and documentation related to oversight.
• Works together with operational leadership to ensure accurate and timely adherence to safety training requirements.
• Reviews and verifies weekly compliance paperwork.

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44 Fink Drive
Ottsville, Pennsylvania 18942


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