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ISA Certified Arborist

Location: Shaker Heights, OH and Surrounding Area

We are seeking a reliable and motivated ISA Certified Arborist who enjoys learning and pursuing professional development to work in a fast-growing year-round landscaping and green infrastructure company. You will work independently the majority of the time. When working as part of a group, you would be in a managerial position. Your only manager would be the owner of the company. . The more of the following skills you have, the higher your wages.  Wages continue to grow with further education and training over time.

  1. Certifications
    1. Must be ISA Certified (no exceptions!)
    2. TRAQ Qualified (or pursuing) preferred
    3. Tree Worker Climber certification would be helpful but isn’t necessary
  2. Specialized Responsibilities - prior experience gets bonus points (and extra pay), but we're happy to train you
    1. Pruning during both the active and dormant seasons
    2. Air-spading, particularly for root crown excavations, girdled root removals, and soil decompaction 
    3. Tree injections and other plant healthcare services
    4. Must be familiar with and able to conform to ANSI A300 standards, particularly (in order of priority based on the likelihood of your needing to provide the service):
      1. Part 1: Pruning
      2. Part 3: Supplemental Support Systems
      3. Part 8: Root Management Standard
      4. Part 10: Integrated Pest Management
      5. Part 2: Soil Management
      6. Part 9: Tree Risk Assessment
      7. Part 6: Planting and Transplanting
  3. Other Responsibilities - they’re not necessarily arboricultural (sorry) but at least you’d still get paid more than people without your training
    1. Able to communicate effectively with clients and sell work based on clearly articulating the problems present on their property and what services we can provide to solve the
    2. May be needed to supervise a crew or help with general landscaping (e.g. removals, mulching, weeding, etc) on occasion
    3. Willing to use Toggl to track time (training available)
    4. Bank account or another direct deposit method
    5. Valid driver’s license and available car
    6. While we provide flexible working hours, that is based on communication - you must be able to show up on time (drugs, alcohol, and oversleeping are all invalid excuses)

Employer Info

PO Box 202406
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120
(216) 644-0495


  • Any
  • Caretaker
  • Climber
  • Commercial/Residential
  • Consultant
  • Executive
  • General Foreman
  • Manager
  • Supervisor

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