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Experienced Tree Care Specialist, Ground Crew Member

Location: Ithaca, NY
Salary: $18-$30/hr DOE

We are looking for an outstanding, motivated individual to join our dedicated team of tree care professionals.  We offer a competitive compensation package and great opportunities for growth in an expanding business. The role of an Experienced Tree Care Specialist and Ground Crew Member in our organization is central to our success and we seek a candidate with stellar technical and customer service skills. 

 Responsibilities include:

-Ensure personal safety and safety of the crew at all times. Report any safety concerns or incidents to the owner.
-Performs all required ground support duties in support of specific job assignments, as directed by crew leader or designated supervisor.
-Driving a truck and operating equipment and machinery.
-Loads and unloads logs, brush and debris into trucks and feeds brush into brush chipper.
-Processes and delivers firewood.
-Keeps work area picked up and orderly.
-Works from ground using gas powered chain saws
-Trims trees that may require utilizing equipment such as bucket truck, pole saw, etc.
-Responsible for the inspection and proper working conditions of all tools and equipment
-Ensure that equipment checks are performed for proper running order each day
-Interact with customer, discussing any concerns or changes to the work order, ensure clarity on any changes made.
-Make sure collateral damage to customer or neighboring yards, surrounding structures and any trees outside of those designated in the work order in kept to a minimum. This includes trees, ornamental plantings, gardens and fencing.
-Serving as an integral member of a team of professionals that is committed to safety on the job, accurate reporting and record keeping, and excellent customer relations.   
-Can perform all required ground, climbing, and aerial lift duties in support of specific job assignments, as directed by crew leader or designated supervisor a plus
-Can demonstrate and practice proper climbing techniques and procedures, proper pruning and removal skills, proper rigging techniques a plus

Job Qualifications:

-Effective communication and problem solving skills
-Valid NYS driver’s license and clean driving record
-Ability to operate most pieces of equipment and learn from other crew members as needed
-Ability to lift at least 50 lbs
-High School Diploma/GED
-Maintain A300 Pruning Standards a plus
-Valid CDL license a plus
-Certified Arborist a plus

Experience Requirements:

-Prior tree work experience, at least 1+ years
-Technical and mechanical understanding helpful
-Climbing ability and proficiency a plus
-Have a good general knowledge of trees; including identification, growth habits, and correct arboricultural techniques for the trimming, pruning, repairing, maintaining, and removing as applies to working in close proximity to energized conductors a plus
-Experience with ropes, knots, pulleys, harnesses, etc a plus
-On the job training available

Working Conditions:

-Work is performed in all weather conditions, some hot, some in freezing temperatures, wind, rain and other natural conditions.
-Some work is physically intensive for extended periods of time
-Some days during the off season, and bookending the busy season will be only a handful of hours worked a day, if any. During the busy season, a minimum of 40 hours of work will be performed generally between 7am and 4pm or 8am and 5pm depending on daylight, overtime is paid after 40 hours of work.
Some jobs you will be at solo, whereas others you may be working with various members of the team as needed.
-Tree work is a fast moving and potentially dangerous industry. Your ability to think and act quickly and safely is necessary as is carefully listening to instructions from your supervisor or the owner. Any lapse in this could lead to damage to customer property, personal bodily injury or even death. We take this seriously.

Machines to be Used:

-Skid steer
-Bucket truck
-Stump grinder
-Dump loader
-Log splitter

Pay is dependent on experience. Those with a valid CDL license, Certified Arborist, and/or technical climbing proficiency especially while using a chainsaw will earn on the higher end of the scale.

Employer Info

1457 Trumansburg Road
Ithaca, New York 14850


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