Job Detail

Arborist, arborist trainee, tree climber/pruner

Location: San Bernardino, CA
Salary: $20 to $35+ per hour

My business, First Certified Arbor Care, was the first ISA Certified Arborist® business in San Bernardino and the surrounding areas.  For about 2 decades, it was the only such business.  Our motto, We do what's best for your trees, continues to separate us from the others.  I enjoy the status of never having done sub-standard, non-professional work for my entire 33+ years in business.  The demographics in our service area have changed and show that the consumers of tree service want ISA Certified Arborists® to provide exactly the kind of work we do.  We need a person who can take over the majority of the production of tree pruning and removals, and who is also capable of teaching others the craft.  We have a 70-36AJ Easy Lift, a newer brush chipper, and will soon be upgrading to a new chip truck.  Our work schedule can be flexible to accommodate individual needs, and we will provide vacation and a matching contribution toward your pension savings.  Our pay scale starts at $20 per hour for brush draggers, and goes up to $35 and more, with skill, experience, productivity, good safety record, and profits.  Whether you are certified and ready to step right into this position, or you have more desire than experience, and want to learn and earn your way up, be sure that we're willing to talk with you to see if you are a good fit to help us Do what's best for the customers' trees.

Employer Info

PO Box 9592
San Bernardino, California 92427


  • Climber
  • General Foreman

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