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Tree Climber

Location: Hayden, ID
Salary: $22-$27 per hour depending on experience

Craft Tree Care is a start-up company with a vision to excel in the North Idaho tree service business. To be a part of this team means that you are ready to work hard and have a desire to excel. As the company grows, so will you and your position within the company. 


Job Type: Part-Time/Full-Time

Starting Pay: $22-27/hour depending on experience. **There will be a 60-day probationary period with the pay rate at $20/hour.**


Estimated start date: As soon as possible.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 8-10 hours a day. Flexible hours of 6-4pm usually. Please note that this business is open to emergency jobs, so it is important to be as flexible as possible during emergency situations. There also may be some weekend jobs throughout the year, but the majority of work will be scheduled during the week.

Experience: 1 or more years, tree climbing and rigging.


  • Paid Holidays and paid time off monthly for full-time employees

More benefits to be added in the near future.


Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Leading the overall tree crew in conjunction with the crew lead/foreman.

    • Supervise others engaged in tree trimming work and train lower-level employees.

    • Advanced knowledge of safety procedures and work with the crew lead to ensure the team is meeting safety standards.

  • Operate boom trucks, loaders, stump chippers, brush chippers, tractors, power saws, trucks, sprayers, and other equipment and tools.

  • Climb trees, using climbing hooks and belts, or climb ladders to gain access to work areas.

  • Evaluate tree health for safety of climb.

  • Plan tree trimming for multiple trees on the jobsite before beginning work.

  • Evaluate all safety gear including harnesses, ropes, pulleys for safe functionality.

  • Clean, sharpen, and lubricate tools and equipment.

  • Cut away dead and excess branches from trees, or clear branches around power lines, using climbing equipment or buckets of extended truck booms, or chainsaws, hooks, handsaws, shears, and clippers.

  • Trim, top, and reshape trees to achieve attractive shapes or to remove low-hanging branches. 

  • Hoist tools and equipment to tree trimmers, and lower branches with ropes or block and tackle.

  • Operate shredding and chipping equipment, and feed limbs and brush into the machines.

  • Load debris and refuse onto trucks and haul it away for disposal.

  • Inspect trees to determine if they have diseases or pest problems.

  • Cable, brace, tie, bolt, stake, and guy trees and branches to provide support.

  • Collect debris and refuse from tree trimming and removal operations into piles, using shovels, rakes or other tools.

  • Provide information to the public regarding trees, such as advice on tree care.

  • Split logs or wooden blocks into bolts, pickets, posts, or stakes, using hand tools such as axe wedges, sledgehammers, and mallets.



  • 1 years, tree climbing and rigging

  • 1 year, supervisory experience

  • Able to demonstrate a working knowledge of basic climbing knots and rigging devices used in tree trimming and removal operations

  • Lift heavy objects over 50 pounds

  • Highly motivated, with focus on safety and excellent customer service

  • Work and maneuver at varying heights under sometimes adverse weather conditions

  • You must have your own: saddle and spurs. Ropes, saws and rigging equipment will be provided.

  • Punctual, professional, and arriving clean to the jobsite every day.

  • Can pass a random drug test.


Preferred, but not required:

  • Crew Lead experience

  • Arborist certification

Please submit a brief cover letter and resume to or call the company owner Nicholas Craft at (208)620-8242.

Employer Info

11692 N Emerald Dr.
Hayden, Idaho 83835


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