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Ground Worker - Wanting to Grow

Location: Livingston County, Michigan
Salary: $16 - $18Competative

We need you: A ground worker looking for the opportunity to grow your career. 

Why choose us?

Competative Pay, Growth and Promotion Opportunities, 40lK, Paid Vacation and Holidays.

  • Join a company that cares about people period -- our employes as well as our customer. We provide competative bay based on experience with room to grow your career. 
  • Join a team oriented company that treats people well.
  • We value Safety, Great Attitudes and a Hard Work Ethic.  You spend a large part of your life at work.  Some days work is just work but overall life is short.  You should work for a company you enjoy.

Send your resume to or call us for more information at 517.295.1155.

Get yourself on track for a carrer you enjoy with a company you will love. 


Employer Info

1536 Maxfield Road
Hartland, Michigan 48353


  • Commercial/Residential

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