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Climbing Arborist / Crew Lead

Location: Wildwood MO 63021
Salary: 38-68,000 per year

Enjoy a solid future with a safe, stable, family friendly company. Wildwood Tree Service is different by design and maybe a better fit for you. We are passionate about climbing big beautiful trees in a highly professional manner. We dont rush, we focus on professionalism and being highly efficient. 

What defines us...

  • High Standards - we strive to be a cut above - our best practices and professional standards meet or exceed ISA, TCIA and ANSI practices. 

  • Good Equipment - nice F550 trucks, Morbark chipper, Avant articulated loader - good equipment makes the safe, sustainable and more enjoyable.

  • Professionalism - we take pride in how we get each job done. Yes production is important but we strive to be skilled, efficient and well respected.  

  • Small Shop - people and values can get lost at big franchise operations. You, your voice and perspectives will be valued here. There is no glass ceiling - upward opportunities are real and readily available. 

  • Modern Methods - Sena radio coms, Jobber app based workflow, all good with SRT/SRS climb systems, spikeless pruning, innovative rigging, etc.

  • Culture - a positive and collaborative work environment based on teamwork - we treat everyone with respect. Efficiency, safety and productivity plus a few laughs along the way - that's our culture. 

  • Clientele - our service area is compact and our customers appreciate the higher level of service we provide. 

Who we are not...

  • We lack bucket trucks, cranes and rarely use lifts. We don’t need heavy equipment operators, we are climbing arborists at home up in a tree - pruning, deadwooding and rigging technical removals. 

  • We do not work 60 hour weeks. We value family, work life balance and safety.  There are some days we run long to finish. And when storms roll through we are the ones clients call for help. Beyond that we like 7-330 M-F just fine. 

  • We avoid crappy jobs. Working close to energized wires, climbing rotten trees - just not worth it. Stump grinding, chemicals, cabling, topping, planting, landscaping - we maintain our focus. 

Who we look for...

  • Strong Climber - efficient, safe and productive. A knowledgeable professional open to learning and leading. Work ethic and natural ability. Comfort working tips n tops. Best qualified candidates will have 2-5 years experience climbing, rigging, felling, bucking, etc.

  • Educated Arborist - Degree in horticulture or forestry preferred, ISA certification valued.

  • People Skills - collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, low drama, high integrity, an openness to learning and teaching - all key strengths.

  • Athletic Ability - we hire professional athletes who take good care of themselves. Hydration, fueling, nutrition, down time connecting with family and friends while avoiding excess. 

  • Accountability - from ensuring crew safety to overcoming challenges to finishing jobs we reward those who step forward, step up and achieve the goal. 

What we offer...

  • Good pay - compensation and incentives at or above industry norms. Benefits including health care stipends, paid vacation, paid holidays, unpaid time off, etc. We work with each person to tailor a benefit package to suit their needs. 

  • Quality of life - awesome experiences are what life is all about. Want to take February off to backpack Patagonia or a Friday off to bag that buck - we strive to support you and your adventures grand and small. 

  • Advancement - Monthly reviews to support your personal and professional goals. A clear road map for professional development and advancement. We are a small / young / growing company. Here you really can have a voice and place at the table moving forward.

If Wildwood Tree Service sounds like it might be a good fit for you - reach out to us today, very few slots open and they will fill fast. Feel good about your chosen profession and proud of where you work... 

Log on at  Join Us page.  We look forward to meeting you. 

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1537 Wolf Trail Road
Wildwood, Missouri 63021-5908


  • Climber

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