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Crew leader / Arborist

Location: Madison WI
Salary: $20+ / Hour

We're Growing quickly and sustainably, would you like to grow with us?

As you read you'll probably notice this isn't a standard job posting, were chill.

First and foremost, check us out at if that gives you a good feeling then keep reading!

We specialize in all areas or arboriculture including disease management and keeping trees healthy. 

In the past we've sub-contracted all of our pruning and removal to some high quality companies in our area, but now its time for use to take it all in house and thats where you come in.

This position gets you in on the ground floor of an expanding Quality driven tree care company. Ideally As we grow (quickly) your responsibility will grow with us.

Were looking for an individual with these qualifications and qualities!

  • Positive attitude that enjoys problem solving
  • Certified Arborist 
  • 3+ years pruning and removal experience
  • An interest in learning all aspects of our business including PHC 
  • Leadership qualities
  • Reliability
  • Quality focused 
  • Safety focused

Our benefits include but are not limited to-

  • IRA match
  • Heathcare
  • Competitive pay
  • Paid time off
  • 4 - 10hr work week
  • Genuine opportunity to grow with us
  • a work environment where yur opinion not only matters but is sought after!
  • Were nice people to work with!
  • Build your own crew
  • Quality equipment
  • All we want is to be better than everyone else!

In nutshell your position would be Crew leed in our tree surgery division with some time spent when needed helping out in our plant healthcare division. 

We're excited to speak with you!


Side note: If your going to the WAA conference then just look for the guy with the "Man Bun" and say hi.

Excited to chat with you!

Thank you

Adhem Theriault and the ECO Tree Team



Employer Info

1209 Greenway Cross
Madison, Wisconsin 53713


  • Climber
  • Commercial/Residential
  • General Foreman
  • Manager

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