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Forestry Outreach Coordinator

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Salary: $31.61 - $37.34 Hourly

MINNEAPOLIS PARK AND RECREATION BOARD invites applications for the position of:
Forestry Outreach Coordinator
SALARY: $31.61 - $37.34 Hourly
OPENING DATE: 02/03/20
CLOSING DATE: 02/21/20 04:30 PM
Established in 1883, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) oversees a renowned
urban park system spanning 6,809 acres of parkland and water. Featured among its 180 park
properties are 55 miles of parkways, 102 miles of Grand Rounds biking and walking paths, 22
lakes, 12 formal gardens, 7 golf courses and 49 recreation centers. The MPRB is proud to
provide services, programs and activities that meet the park and recreation needs of diverse
communities and ensure race equity, gender inclusion and universal access. Altogether, MPRB
properties receive about 23 million visitors annually, and employs approximately 570 full-time
and 1,400 part-time and seasonal employees.
Park it here for an exciting career by joining the #1 urban park system in the United States as
recognized by the Trust for Public Land in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is seeking a dedicated Forestry Outreach
Coordinator to support the MPRB's efforts to assure a healthy, vibrant and sustainable urban
forest. The Forestry Outreach Coordinator will develop, manage, coordinate, promote and
oversee urban and community forestry outreach and stewardship programs with an emphasis
on engaging the public in tree care, planting and maintenance activities. This person will
cultivate and maintain strategic partnerships and educational opportunities with relevant groups
to advance a community connection with sustainable urban forestry practices. This role
supports the broader environmental stewardship efforts of all MPRB functions that are
consistent with the organization's mission, values, goals, and comprehensive plan. This
position is possible due to special funding for 2020 only, with plans to restore
permanent funding in the next budget cycle.
Develop and manage urban and community forestry outreach and stewardship programs
within the MPRB system and throughout the City of Minneapolis.
Inspire, recruit, train, organize, coordinate and supervise volunteers from diverse
backgrounds during the performance of cultural practices that improve tree health while
promoting social engagement. Such engagement includes hands-on participation and
demonstrations involving tree planting, pruning, mulching, protection and preservation.
Develop relationships with neighborhoods, communities and organizations throughout
Minneapolis to ensure that all residents have access, through engagement opportunities,
to the many public health, economic, ecological and social benefits that trees provide.
Apply practices and procedures to ensure program development and implementation that
includes methods for data tracking, reporting of key outreach participation metrics and
collaboration with others as needed.
Promote, schedule and coordinate the public appearances of "Elmer the Elm Tree", MPRB
Forestry Department's costumed mascot, whose public appearances help educate
residents about the benefits provided by trees.
Plan, direct and promote annual Arbor Day celebration. Generate information needed to
guide staff and volunteer involvement.
Work with the Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission by attending meetings and
expanding their role in community outreach.
Develop collaborative efforts with schools and other institutions to actively engage youth
with trees and arboriculture. Examples include school forests and the University of
Minnesota's Youth Engagement in Arboriculture Program.
Prepare, present, teach and host events and presentations for diverse audiences that
promote an awareness of matters related to the urban forest.
Effectively represent the Forestry Department by collaborating and working directly on
urban forestry outreach initiatives with other MPRB Departments and agencies including,
but not limited to, the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Watershed Districts,
University of Minnesota and other government agencies including those at the state and
federal level.
Support media communication efforts and coordinate with the MPRB Communications and
Marketing Department by writing and designing communication materials needed to
enhance and maintain information available to the public through the Park Board's
website, social media outlets and other channels.
Represent the MPRB at public meetings, on committees both internal and external and at
community events as required.
Need to Have:
Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in urban forestry,
forestry, horticulture, natural resources or related field.
Increasingly responsible professional work experience in urban forest outreach for
government or non-profit agencies including, but not limited to, administrative work: at
least three years.
An equivalent combination of related experience, education and training may be
Valid driver's license.
Nice to Have:
Certified Arborist from the International Society of Arboriculture (obtained within 6
months of meeting ISA eligibility requirements). Municipal Specialist credential preferred.
Tree Inspector's License from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (obtained
within 6 months of hire).
Pesticide Applicator License from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in categories A
& E (obtained within 6 months of hire).
Skills Crucial to Success in This Role:
Knowledge of urban forestry and outreach best practices and how to effectively combine
them so as to engage communities and organizations.
Outstanding customer service principles, practices and standards for a diverse customer
Minneapolis communities and neighborhoods, demographics, issues, needs and
Social media marketing or internet marketing that involves creating and sharing
information on social media networks in order to achieve marketing and/or branding
Thoughtfully organize and creatively administer culturally responsive urban forestry
outreach and engagement activities for increased access to services and programs.
Job Information Session: A 30-minute Job Information Session will be held on Tuesday,
February 18, 2020 at 12:00pm in the River Conference Room at MPRB Headquarters. This is
your opportunity to ask questions about the position and to gain a better understanding of the
civil service application process. Interested parties are encouraged to attend. If you are unable
to attend in-person, please join us via phone conference at (612) 230-6595.
View a full list of qualifications and job description
Learn more about Veteran's Preference
Selection Process:
To apply for this full-time civil service position, applicants must complete an online application
with supplemental questions at Late applications will be
What steps the selection process involves:
We review your minimum qualifications.
We rate your training and experience based on application materials and supplemental
questions (30%).
We conduct a structured panel interview (oral exam) (70%).
We calculate your civil service score based on the above components and place you on the
eligible list if all testing components are passed (passing score for each component and as
an overall score is 70.00 or above). Eligible list will expire in three (3) months.
We refer the top finalists to the hiring manager for an interview.
References, including verification of employment and work performance, may be
We conduct a background check. Upon receiving a conditional offer of employment, the
applicant will be asked to sign an informed consent allowing the Minneapolis Park and
Recreation Board to obtain their criminal history in connection with the positions sought.
View the MPRB Background Check Policy at
Please note that HR reserves the right to limit the number of people invited to successive
testing events.
The MPRB is a tobacco-free workplace and park system.
The MPRB is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
2117 West River Rd N
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Position #REQ00402
Forestry Outreach Coordinator Supplemental Questionnaire
* 1. Following are a series of supplemental questions to assess your job-related experience
and qualifications. The information on the application and your responses to the following
supplemental questions will be used in a competitive evaluation of qualifications and will
be used to determine your civil service score and placement on the eligible list. Therefore,
all applicants are encouraged to be complete and thorough in their answers. The
employment history and education detailed in your general online application must
validate/support your responses to the supplemental questions. If your responses cannot
be validated, you will not proceed to the next step of the selection process. A resume may
be submitted, but it will not substitute for the general online application or supplemental
questions; responses such as "see resume," "see application," or a separate attachment
with responses to supplemental questions will not be considered.
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above information and instructions.
* 2. This position is possible due to special funding for 2020 only, with plans to restore
permanent funding in the next budget cycle.
I acknowledge and understand.
* 3. Please indicate the highest educational degree you have received:
High school diploma or equivalent
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Master's or Post-Graduate Degree
I do not have a degree
* 4. If you indicated in Question #2 that you have a degree, please list your major/area of
study. If you do not have a degree, list "N/A."
* 5. How many years of professional work experience do you have in urban forestry outreach
for a government or non-profit agency?
Less than 3 years
3 years but less than 5 years
5 years but less than 7 years
7 or more years
I do not have this experience
* 6. How many years of administrative work experience do you have?
Less than 3 years
3 years but less than 5 years
5 years but less than 7 years
7 or more years
I do not have this experience
* 7. Please indicate which of the following licenses and certifications you currently possess.
Check all that apply:
Valid driver's license
Certified Arborist from the International Society of Arboriculture
Municipal Specialist credential from the International Society of Arboriculture
Tree Inspector's License from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Pesticide Applicator License from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in categories
A & E
None of the above
* 8. An essential duty of this position is to engage residents in activities that improve tree
health. Describe your experience working with volunteers performing hands-on tasks such
as tree planting, pruning, mulching, protection and preservation.
* 9. The Minneapolis Arbor Day Celebration is an annual event that has drawn over 1000
attendees over the past few years. Describe your experience with planning and organizing
an Arbor Day celebration or similar community event?
* 10. Developing collaborative efforts with schools will actively engage youth with trees and
arboriculture. Describe your experience helping school age children (K through 12) learn
about the benefits provided by trees.
* 11. The MPRB website contains valuable information about the Forestry Department. In
addition, the public can reach the MPRB through various social media outlets. Explain your
experience working with websites and social media accounts.
* 12. The promotion and development of fruit tree cultivation as well as the adoption of fruit
trees in parks is an essential duty of this position. Describe your experience working with
fruit trees and involving the public with caring for them.
* Required Question

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2117 West River Rd N, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411


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