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University Arborist

Oklahoma State University


Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK is hiring a University Arborist to manage our inventoried trees on our 870-acre campus.

Proposed Hiring Range:          $17.15 - $23.30/hour 

Payroll Type:       Biweekly 

Special Instructions for applicants:
Please provide a cover letter, resume and 3 references for full consideration.

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Posting Campus: Stillwater

Employment Type: Staff Full-Time

Category: Service/Maintenance



Exposure to high levels of noise, strong-smelling chemicals, extreme outdoor temperatures and inclement weather conditions. 

Position serves in a critical and essential role; employee must work during adverse weather conditions and may be required to work the when the University is closed for normal operations

Working conditions will normally including walking, lifting 50 to 60 lbs., digging, equipment noise, chemical smells, exposure to extreme outdoor temperatures and inclement weather.

Degree:  High School/GED 

Experience: Four years of professional experience in a related field. Two years of post-secondary education in Horticulture, Forestry, Landscaping, or another related field may be substituted for two years of experience. 

Have or obtain pesticide certification within 6 months of hire.

Have or obtain state arborist certification within 1 year of hire.

Valid driver's license before and maintained after hire. 

Skills, Proficiencies and Knowledge:

Skills and ability to operate tractors, skid steers, and other equipment in a safe manner. Proven, demonstrated knowledge and experience of tree identification, proper planting, pruning, pest management, and tree protection to perform the work. Good oral, written communication and computer skills. Ability to read and follow planting plans and directions. All licensing costs are at the expense of the employee. Work time will be paid for licensing prep and exams.



Degree:  Associate 

Experience:   Six years of professional experience in a related field. Two years of post-secondary education in Horticulture, Forestry, Landscaping, or another related field may be substituted for two years of experience. 

Certifications, Registrations, or Licenses Please list any certifications, registrations, or licenses preferred as a prerequisite of employment.


Skills, Proficiencies and Knowledge:

Tree climbing skills, pesticide license, Certified ISA Arborist, GPS/GIS skills, tractor/front end loader operation are a plus. 

Eligibility for Benefits:  Full Benefits 

OSU offers a generous benefits package for continuous, regular positions, including but not limited to


 health, life and retirement benefits, paid leave and 12 paid holidays per year. Other benefits include employee and dependent tuition waivers, free gym memberships, a free, confidential employee assistance program, and much, much more!

           Job Summary:  Responsible for the campus urban forestry tree inventory of over 3,000 trees, including maintenance, protection and educational support. Reports to the Landscape Services Installation Assistant Manager 

1.       Duties         

a.       Routinely assess inventoried tree health. Identify and perform maintenance as needed including but not limited to tree planting, staking, pruning, herbicide and manual weed control, mulching, watering, winterization, pest and symptom identification including appropriate integrated pest management implementation, and soil/fertilizer amendment as needed.

b.       Provide leadership and training by implementing on the job demonstrations, schedules and assignments coordinated through the maintenance supervisor for applicable crew maintenance support when needed.

c.       Ensure deadlines are met while following work standards for quality tree care and protection.

d.       Assist with tree ordering, delivery inspection, unloading, heeling in and nursery care.

e.       Work with on-call contracts for work requiring outside professional skills.

f.        Assist with storm damage efforts.

g.       Perform tree aeration for compaction.

h.       Maintain and order supplies and equipment as needed and budgeted.

i.        Perform GPS mapping, updating and record keeping of a campus wide tree inventory including tree planting, removal, labeling and website records.

j.        Oversee GIS data collection and analysis with the ability to operate related software.

k.       Plant and work closely with landscape installation crew on large scale tree installations.

l.        Follow Landscape Master Plan guidelines.

m.      Follow Tree Care Maintenance Plan guidelines.

n.       Oversee student and temporary labor as budget allows.


2.       Tree Protection

a.       Follow the OSU Tree Care Plan and Protection Standards.

b.       Perform pre-construction training to subcontractors in regards to tree protection standards.

c.       Direct and monitor tree protection during construction projects.

d.       Work with utilities in coordinating tree protection alternatives.

e.       Perform tree aeration as needed for construction root exposure and protection.


3.       Community and Educational Forestry Efforts

a.       Provide accurate data for Tree Campus USA standards and recertification program.

b.       Work with the Campus Tree Leadership Board.

c.       Work with student organizations on Arbor Day and special project related activities.

f.        Assist with campus tours and programs as required.


4.       Other Duties

a.       Assist with Christmas light displays.

b.       Assist with snow and ice removal as needed with tree protection in mind.

c.       Assist in large landscape project plantings and construction as needed.

d.       Perform other duties as required or assigned.

Additional Responsibilities:

TEAMWORK: Promotes a positive work environment by behaving and communicating in a manner that is respectful of others. Encourages cooperation, collaboration, and co-ownership of success. Communicates honestly and openly, listens attentively, and assumes responsibility for resolving difficulties appropriately. Supports diversity in establishing relationships in which all individuals are valued, appreciated and included.

PROFESSIONALISM: Exhibits a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner in the workplace. Actively endorses and supports OSU's mission and works for fulfillment of vision and goals while acknowledging the contribution of ethical and scholarly questioning in an environment that respects the rights of all to freely pursue knowledge. Seeks excellence in all endeavors and is committed to continuous improvement. Seeks knowledge that will provide skills that enable improved job performance. Schedule and participate in at least two hours each week for training including seminars/workshops, reading materials, practicing competency and computer courses or hands-on practice.

SERVICE: Contributes to the success of others by responding to others in a courteous, timely and accurate manner, seeking assistance when necessary to create a positive OSU experience that exceeds the expectations of students, and internal and external contacts. Understands performance directly affects the future of OSU and strives to perform to enhance the OSU experience. Remains positive when changes are made to procedures, environment or responsibilities.


STEWARDSHIP: Accepts responsibility for the public's trust and is accountable for individual actions. Demonstrates efficient and effective use of time, equipment and other resources. Maintains confidences and protects security of operations by keeping information confidential and equipment/facilities secure. Works in a safe manner using safety equipment and procedures as appropriate and encourages others to do the same.



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STILLWATER, Oklahoma 74078


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