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Urban & Community Outreach & Special Projects Specialist

Location: Olympia, WA
Salary: $4,270.00 - $5,741.00 Monthly

Combine your passion for trees and people to make a positive impact in communities throughout Washington state. You understand that trees provide a plethora of social, economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. This position is the opportunity to share your knowledge about the most effective practices used to establish and grow healthy, resilient community forests that benefit all Washington residents.

As the statewide outreach and special projects specialist, you will use your excellent verbal and written skills to communicate and network about the importance of urban forest maintenance and management and will engage stakeholders through online tools and site-based presentations. The position provides statewide education and training to local governments, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that plan for, plant, care for, and manage urban and community trees where they live, work and play. The information you provide will assist communities to develop programs that are sustainable, effective, and publicly supported. The position provides support to citizen advisory boards, tree advocacy groups, and non-profit organizations engaged in urban forestry grants and projects, and may assist in writing and editing Urban and Community Forestry Program grant applications.

You will be challenged by diverse projects and the fast pace of the program. Bring your innovative ideas with you, and help us grow DNRs urban forestry team.

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1111 Washington St. SE, MS 47037
Olympia, Washington 98504


  • Education

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