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Entry-level tree care groundsman

Location: Central Point, OR

Beaver Tree Service, Inc is looking for a full-time groundsman to begin immediately with a clean driving record. Team member must demonstrate willingness to get CDL (class B), and ideally he/she is looking to work in the industry long term and build a career. Person must be a team player who is a good communicator, especially when working on site with other crew members and customers. This person will drive a truck and pull trailer daily; work with a friendly crew and office team; operate chipper, chainsaw, and other tree-care equipment; and haul and lift debris. Person must be savvy and safe with equipment and must be physically able to lift heavy debris/objects/etc. Also, the ideal candidate would like to be trained to climb as well as study to become a certified arborist. Those who are already certified arborists, have CDL certifications, and/or have industry experience -- including climbing training -- are encouraged to apply.

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Central Point, Oregon 97502


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