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line clearance groundman

Location: Minneapolis, Mankato, St Paul, Rochester, MN

Job Responsibilities

  • Operate chainsaws to cut brush, logs, and stumps of larger trees. Work from the ground using gasoline powered chainsaws.
  • Load and unload trucks with logs, stumps, brush and debris and/or feeds brush into a wood chipper. Will gather brush and carry to chipper area.
  • Work around hazardous equipment.
  • Work around excessive noise from machines, chainsaws, wood chipper and must wear proper personal protective equipment.
  • Exposed to all temperatures and weather; will be exposed to nature, i.e., irritating plants, biting or stinging insects, dust, etc.
  • May work on rough terrain.
  • Help enforce on-the-job safety practices for crew members.
  • Safeguard employees and public from hazards in and around the work area. Cooperate with customers, police, and fire departments when blocking streets or driveways. Set up barriers, warning signs, flags, etc. to protect employees as well as the public. Trained to perform tree and bucket rescue.
  • Apply herbicides and growth regulators to stumps and brush.
  • Drive a truck with an attached brush chipper or other trailing unit such as trailer, etc.
  • Keep work area picked up and orderly.
  • Carry and lay out tools and equipment at work site.
  • Service truck, chipper, and equipment; maintain them in a neat, clean, and specified mechanical order. Report the need for equipment and truck maintenance to Crew Foreman or General Foreman.
  • Performs other related duties as required or assigned. 

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