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Line clearance foreman

Location: Minneapolis, Mankato, St Paul, MN

Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise a line clearance crew and responsible for planning daily work.
  • Assign work for individual crew members and direct crew in performing work according to accepted line clearance practices.
  • Enforce safe work practices as experience, judgment, company policy, and as outlined by OSHA standards and conduct safety training in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Promote and maintain good customer and public relations through effective completion of assigned work and the appropriate behavior of employees on the crew.
  • Receive and interpret tree trimming, removal, and chemical application orders initiated by General Foreman or Utility, involving an understanding of drawings and symbols, representing types of power lines, voltages, and line equipment.
  • Responsible for being mindful of controlling crew costs, including effective use of manpower, proper work methods, amount of trimming, and operation of equipment.
  • Trim and/or remove trees by climbing with the aid of a ladder, safety belt, climbing line, or powered trimmer lift truck, or work from the ground using saws/pruners. Cut branches or trunk sections and drops or lowers them to the ground with lines.
  • Spray stumps and brush with hand-spraying equipment to prevent further growth.
  • Load and unload trucks with logs, stumps, brush, and debris, and/or feeds brush into a wood chipper.
  • Perform other related duties as required or assigned.

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