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Senior Consulting Utility Forester

Location: Sacramento, CA
Salary: $25-$30 p/h , $150 - $175 Per diem, $70 phone stipend per month

Utility foresters will possess a knowledge of the great outdoors and tree growth rates and habits. Their primary responsibility will be to mark and evaluate trees that are along utility lines or in hazardous areas and document their findings to management. This will involve a designated region, ability to use hand-held smart devices for reporting, experience or an education in the environment and of course, a love for the great outdoors.


  • Previous experience or degree in forestry, horticulture or natural resources working along power lines and/or electric transmission and distribution right-of-ways identifying and inspecting tree and brush requiring pruning or removal to avoid conflicts with overhead conductors and lines.
  • Current ISA Certification
  • Physical ability and a desire to work in an outdoor setting
  • Willingness to travel to other sites as required - car and gas card provided
  • Driving record must be clean and candidate must possess a valid driver’s license
  • An experience or knowledge of electrical utility projects and an application of their relation to forestry/trees/brush
  • Ability to operate large motor vehicles comfortably and industrial equipment as needed
  • Computer knowledge – smart-phone/tablet documentation (app)
  • A related certification (ISA, TRAQ, CTSP) is a plus, but not heavily required


  • Provide examination to rights-of-way for trees and brush and determine which will require necessary trimming or removal in order to minimize hazards
  • Read and follow maps in a forestry setting and may be required to travel to related sites for maintenance
  • Focus on safety of yourself and others – uphold protocols, rules and personal integrity
  • Some calculation of topography, environment and eco-friendly conditions
  • Provide detailed and complete reporting in GIS programs and some application of Microsoft Excel and Word for accurate data entry

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Sacramento, California


  • Consultant
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Utility

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