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Safety Manager

Location: Stockton, CA

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Directs ACRT Pacific’s safety programs to protect the employees of the operating company against harm and to maintain safe working conditions. Formulates and suggests work safety standards and enforces procedures. Risk prevention areas include slips, trips and falls, noxious plants, insect exposure, dog / animal safety, vehicular accidents, eye injuries, repetitive motion disorders and other potentially unsafe conditions related to field and office environments. Ensures that company meets compliance and reporting requirements of federal and/or state regulations. Develops and conducts company and OSHA required safety training. Advises management on problem correction. Develops a safety culture by working closely with customers, management, field staff and industry leaders. Conducts program audits and makes recommendations for improvement. Exemplifies the safety leader to all company stakeholders. This position is located in Stockton, CA.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manages and coordinates light duty program elements; works with insurance carriers and insurance consultants as it affects safety and loss control. Provide oversight for monitoring activities and making formal recommendations to limit loss control.
  • Schedules and conducts field inspections of field staff, safety equipment, vehicles, facilities, working conditions and safety practices and reporting on unsafe conditions for assigned operating companies. Responsible for assuring that safety inspections are properly scheduled, performed, monitored and acted upon.
  • Provides overall direction relative to the ACRT Pacific’s safety education, accident prevention and loss control programs.
  • Gathers, interprets and assists the Corporate Compliance Manager with preparation of injury and statistical data, accident reports and audit/near miss reports to identify possible problem areas requiring correction and for government audit and reporting requirements.
  • Analyzes and prepares reports, as necessary or as requested, for ACRT Pacific’s occupational injury / accident statistical data in order to recognize developing trends; Produce reports for customers, senior management, management and field staff at regular intervals.
  • Organizes and conducts regularly scheduled and special safety meetings; Designs safety training and re-training programs as required for existing employees.
  • Ensures that departmental safety meetings are conducted and documented by each team.
  • Ensures that OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements are met and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Investigates serious injuries in conjunction with line and staff personnel and for notification to top management of pertinent details.
  • Evaluates hazardous conditions and practices and develops hazard control practices and programs.
  • Recommends safety goals for long-range accident prevention and cost-control objectives.
  • Completes/maintains accident logs, prepares proposals, reports safety performance, develops newsletter articles and weekly safety messages, prepares safety bulletins and/or posters, manages/maintains and updates on-line safety training programs; ensures Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are maintained and accurate; researches and makes recommendations on safety solutions for recurring or new safety exposures, etc.
  • Works directly with the ACRT Pacific President, Directors and managers to identify strategies to improve safety performance; Works with all members of Fleet, HR, Operations, Accounting and IT staff (ACRT Services) in implementing practices, programs and policies.
  • Assist in the development of, and adherence to, an ACRT Pacific safety budget (financial).
  • Works with ACRT Pacific’s Safety Committee, and any other safety related committee, to review safety suggestions and incident review recommendations and formulate strategic plans to address situations as they may arise.
  • Must continuously monitor professional literature and attend seminars to stay current with governmental compliance requirements and safety management trends.
  • Ensures, where necessary, that field and management staff requiring special safety training (ATV Safety, Chainsaw Safety, Confined Space, etc.) remain current with any on-going training requirements and applicable certifications.
  • Secures non-routine safety training sources, as necessary, for safety instructors, climbing instructors and ACRT Pacific leadership teams (i.e. ATV Safety, other specialty equipment as may be required by contracts, CPR / First Aid, Confined Space, D.O.T. etc.).
  • Responsible for being the ‘face of Safety’ for ACRT Pacific. This includes meeting with customers, speaking at tradeshows and seminars, publishing articles, and leading by example.
  • Responsible for helping develop Safety as a Service for profit program.
  • Other duties as needed

Minimum Qualifications:

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Safety Engineering, Occupational Safety, Environmental Health or Health and Safety, Forestry, Wildlife, Biology, Ecology or related fields preferred
  •  Must have the ability to attain desired Professional designations, certifications and training
  • Strategic and analytical thinker
  • Organized and disciplined approach to work
  • Adept at multi-tasking and managing complex work processes
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership and collaborative abilities
  • Highly responsive to deadline-oriented matters
  • Customer focused – able to keep needs of customers paramount at all times 
  • May need to work outdoors in any state in which ACRT Pacific and ACRT Services does business
  • Walking or hiking, sometimes strenuously, over uneven terrain, in hot/cold weather, rain, snow and storm situations
  • Driving over uneven, off road and under variable road conditions
  • Occasional lifting to 50 pounds

 Preferred Qualifications:

  •  Master’s degree or professional designations (OHST, ASP, CSP, CSR, OSHA, CTSP, CUSP) desirable

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Stockton, California


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