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Student Membership

ISA Student Memberships

ISA is committed to offering students opportunities to get involved with professional arboriculture through ISA, local chapters and our professional affiliates. As such, student membership at ISA is free when you join your local chapter (which you can do in ISA's webstore or on the application below). If you live in a region without a chapter, ISA Student membership is $30. Three of our four professional affiliates currently offer free membership to students as well.

This membership category is limited to students pursuing the study of arboriculture or any allied fields; must be approved by a faculty advisor. A copy of your current student ID and class schedule is required in order to process a student membership.

Chapters will continue to have the option of providing a chapter-only membership for students that do not wish to join ISA. The structure and pricing of Chapter memberships shall be at the discretion of the individual Chapters.

Why join ISA? Here is what our members say…

  • ISA Arborist Certification.
  • Support of the arboriculture profession.
  • Arborist News.
  • Research on new techniques.
  • Professional identity.
  • Consumer information on tree care.
  • Networking with other arborists.
  • Arboriculture and Urban Forestry.
  • Support of public outreach programs.
  • Discounts on ISA certification, meetings, conferences, and educational materials.

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