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Industry News

19 September 2017—Hurricane Irma’s high winds left thousands of toppled trees in its wake, and the recovery work related to Hurricane Harvey continues. As employees in the tree care industry work to remove trees and debris in the recovery effort, they should be aware of the hidden dangers of downed power lines, wildlife, and the hazards of the equipment they are using. OSHA knows safety will continue to be a priority, and we are here to help. OSHA’s hurricanes, floods, and tree care industry online resources, and our toll free number, 800-321-6742, are available 24 hours a day.

13 July 2017 —Results of the ISA Board of Directors Election: View the results. The terms for the newly elected positions will begin in August 2017 in conjunction with the ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show in Washington, DC, and will end in August 2020. Newly Elected Board Members.

1 March 2017 —ISA General Membership Election: Polls open from 15 April through 30 May 2017, ISA members will have the opportunity to vote by electronic ballot in an election to fill expiring positions on the ISA Board of Directors and the Nominating and Elections Committee. Watch for your electronic ballot. Read More about the election.

18 January 2017The Guide for Plant Appraisal Draft Manuscript: The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) announces that the draft manuscript is available for review by member organizations. The manuscript is accessible for review purposes only and should not be reproduced or duplicated. Members of the Plant Appraisal and Valuation Committee (PAVC) are ISA's formal peer reviewers of this manuscript. Informal peer review comments are also welcomed from other ISA members. The review period began 16 January, and all comments are due by 1 March 2017. Comments should be organized in a Word document by noting which chapter(s) they refer to and sent to before the 1 March 2017 deadline.

14 September 2016The Guide for Plant Appraisal: Overview of the 10th Guide:The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) represents seven supporting organizations within the green industry and is responsible for developing industry consensus methodologies for determining the value of vegetation in the landscape. Representatives to the council collaborate as authors of the Guide for Plant Appraisal and act as conduits to their membership throughout the development and review process. Read an overview from the council regarding the 10th Guide.

29 August 2016Seeking Nominees for ISA Board Terms Ending in August 2017: The ISA membership is invited to submit nominations for two Council of Representatives-elected ISA Board of Directors positions. The current terms for these two positions held by Anne Beard and John Gathright will end in August 2017. They are both eligible to serve another term and can also be nominated. Read details on submitting nominations.

26 August 2016Public Review: ANSI A300 Part 1 Pruning and Part 9 Tree Risk Assessment: The public review period for the revision of the ANSI A300 Part 1 Pruning and Part 9 Tree Risk Assessment standards is in effect from 19 August 2016 through 3 October 2016. Download a draft of the proposed Revisions on TCIA's A300 Current Projects Page. Comments may be sent to your member representative or directly to A300 secretary, Bob Rouse.

8 July 2016Public Review of Rule Proposal for the New Jersey Tree Expert and Tree Care Operator Licensing Act: ISA has reviewed the proposed licensing rules to be included with the act and has identified some questions and concerns regarding the licensing requirements. We encourage our members and ISA Certified Arborists™, especially those in New Jersey and surrounding states, to review the information and to submit comments by the deadline of August 26, 2016. Read the full announcement for more details.

2 May 2016ISA General Membership Election: From 16 May through 30 June 2016, ISA members will have the opportunity to vote by electronic ballot in an election to fill expiring positions on the ISA Board of Directors and the Nominating and Elections Committee. Watch for your electronic ballot. Read More about the election.

24 February 24 2016—Seeking Nominees for the ISA Credentialing Council. ISA currently has two vacancies on the ISA Credentialing Council (formerly the ISA Certification Board), which is responsible for setting the strategic direction of ISA's credentialing programs. Council member duties include attendance at two in-person meetings per year and several conference calls, as well as possible committee work. To nominate yourself or another individual who has a strong desire to promote public awareness of the ISA credentialing programs, please send a letter of interest to Sheila Dillon.

2 February 2016— ISA is seeking qualified nominees from its membership for seats on the ISA Board of Directors to be elected by the General Membership. The deadline for nominations is 29 February 28, 2016.View detailed nomination information.

1 February 2016—The ISA announces the relaunch of the newly-updated Board Certified Master Arborist® (BCMA™) exam effective February 1. In response to user feedback requesting a better exam experience and accommodation for the global reach of the program, ISA performed an intensive and highly successful review, revision, and assessment of the exam in order to meet these expectations. Applications are now being accepted for the updated exam. For more information on the new exam read the news release and list of frequently asked questions.

19 November 2015—The terms of two Board of Directors positions that are elected by the ISA Council of Representatives will expire in August 2016. The ISA membership is invited to nominate ISA members who have demonstrated their leadership skills and contributed to the arboriculture industry to fill these positions. The deadline to submit nominations is 11 December 2015. View detailed nomination information.

10 November 2015— The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Utility Arborist Association (UAA) are pleased to announce a new affiliate agreement that moves the two organizations toward a mutually-beneficial autonomous administrative relationship with UAA handling all administrative responsibilities for the organization independently from ISA. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with UAA who remains a professional affiliate of ISA focusing on the utility arborists sector of the industry. Learn more about this transition via the news release and the list of frequently asked questions.

17 September 2015—The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Western Chapter ISA (WCISA) are pleased to announce the upcoming merger of their Certified Tree Worker programs. Both ISA and WCISA are committed to the quality of their credentialing programs and have made the collaborative decision that combining forces will increase capacity, improve overall services, and expand the global impact of this credential. ISA thanks the Western Chapter ISA, its staff, and volunteers for the work they have done to pave the way for this merger. With their support, we are able to make the transition both smooth and continuous without service disruption. For more information read the news release and list of frequently asked questions.

8 September 8 2015— A newly formed Events Department at ISA will be lead by Kara Stachowiak as Director of Events. Most recently the administration of events has been under the Educational Goods and Services department of ISA where she served as Associate Director of Meetings and Events. Read the full announcement.

2 September 2 2015— ISA announced the separation of the Annual International Conference and International Tree Climbing Championship. After careful consideration, the ISA Board approved a strategic plan to separate the ISA Annual International Conference and the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC). A new event format will create greater opportunities for involving ISA chapters, associate organizations, and members, and also increase opportunity for public outreach. ISA leadership believes that holding the events independently provides flexibility in selection of locations, facilities, and dates that are best suited for the growth and success of both events. For more information read the news release and list of frequently asked questions.

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