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2017 ISA "Member Get a Member" Referral Rewards Program


Member Get a Member

Recruiting a new member is easy! Follow these tips to get started today:

  1. Start with the colleagues you know best and then expand your efforts to your larger professional network. Share with them the benefits of ISA and how membership has helped you professionally.
  2. Utilize the online referral form and email template to send a message to your targeted referrals. Fill in your colleague's name and your name, and be sure to let him or her know your name and ISA Member ID number!
  3. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Invite those who are interested to contact you for your ISA Member ID number.
  4. Once they are interested in joining, remind your colleagues or friends to enter your name and ISA Member ID number when they sign up so that you get credit for recruiting them.
  5. Follow up with those you refer before the May 31 deadline, and remind them to join.

Here are some tips for using your social media connections to get members and get rewarded:

  • As a member, you can broadcast this text in your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn platforms: "Interested in ISA membership? Ask me about the benefits I receive as a member."
  • Once they join, new members can broadcast this text in their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn platforms: "I just joined ISA to enhance my skills, expand my professional knowledge, and network with a global community of tree care professionals. Want to join me? Ask me how…"

NOTE: Do not share your ISA Member ID number in public posts viewable by people you do not know as this can have unintended consequences.

Remember: Once your colleagues and friends become ISA PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS, they too can join in the Referral Rewards Program and get rewarded.

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